Saturday, January 30

This week...

1. I scrapped...

Used Pencil Lines latest sketch and threw together a few lairy Rose Moka papers, ribbon plus these cute little handsign tags to finally record a photo of Bessie on her 7th birthday.

2. I also painted, tried to keep the poor old garden watered, wrote a funding submission for work and did my best to keep from fainting in this heat.

3. We bought 10 black heifers at the saleyards, and today Tim needled and tagged them (with Duffy and Mia's help)...

....look how much the grass has browned off already!  I'd like to order some more rain please if I may.

4. Waved off my big girls Kate and Beth as they started a brand new school year in Years 5 and 2 respectively....

5.  Got all sad at the thought of my baby leaving me next Monday to start kindy.  She, on the other hand, pulled out her First Grade Scholar workbook to do some big school practice....

...and when asked if she was going to miss Mummy she answered with a confident "NO!" and told me "you can bake cakes all day and have a rest without people bugging you"....thoughtful child!

6. Gave Mia's tatty old cast a makeover....

...she wanted a purple one "just like Martha's" from the start but cos she only needed it on for 3 weeks they said to go with a regular old white there you go my darlin'....anything's possible with a bit of scrapbooking paint.  Do you think we should add a few stickers and kindyglitz.....?


  1. I miss you in between post, Penny-lope!

    Love the new LO. So colourful. Wish I had your knack.

    Mia looks so groovy with her new coloured cast.

    And indeed, you will be able to relax now with all kiddies off to school! You deserve it!


  2. Love the new Martha purple cast! I reckon the kindyglitz would just set it off perfectly.

    That LO is super, Pen and I adore the pix of the girls with those gigantic backpacks.



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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