Wednesday, February 27

Back to school layout

Here is the adorable Bethany (Bessie) on her first day of school last month.

She was ultra excited and looked cute enough to eat in her new tunic, bright white socks and shiny new backpack.

Six kindys started at Gum Flat this year - a gorgeous group of kids and the BEST SCHOOL IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!

Go Bessie!

Monday, February 25

Record numbers!

I'm all geared up for my first workshop of 2008 this Wednesday.

I have 15 lovely ladies booked in! The most ever at one of my classes since I started them in October 2005.

...maybe it has something to do with the fact that we'll be using the very cool Grungeboard by Tim Holtz!
Over there is a sneaky peak of the layout we're doing.............
Can't wait! Hope there's enough chairs in our little classroom at Gum Flat!!!

Saturday, February 16

Life on the Farm

I do find it a challenge to scrap my farm pics........they don't exactly lend themselves to the rainbow colours I love to use on my girly layouts!

For these latest ones, I've stuck to naturals, blues and greens (what I call "outdoorsy" colours) and used simple embellishments.........

The first two designs are based on Step-by-step challenges over at Scrapwitch:

In "Top Sellers" I photocopied the Vendor Report from the saleyard onto the 7 Gypsies pp - so no need to journal! We were very proud of these beautiful boys we bred ourselves, and even got a mention in the stock report section of the local paper!

I stole some of the ideas in "Home" from a fave scrapper of mine, C.D. Muckosky. Makes our little old house on the hill look half decent!

Friday, February 15

SM People's Choice Awards - VOTE FOR ME!

...if you feel so inclined of course!

So thrilled to be nominated for this (so is Bethany!) Congrats to all the other lovely ladies nominated.

Vote by going to the Scrapbooking Memories website here and you could win some great prizes yourself!

"Bubblegum" Scrapbooking Memories Vol 9 No 5

What's in a name?

How silly! I spent ages trying to come up with a name for my blog. Scissors, paper...pen "Scissors paper rock" is a familiar chant around this house. The girls love to play it, even 3 year old (Mia) knows it well - OK, so she cheats a little.... I substituted rock for "pen" - the name my friends call me, and my most fave scrapping tool in the world!!! I love my doodling!!! Scissors and paper - add them, and you have my three essentials for creating a scrapbook page. I love product as much as the next scrapper, but I reckon I'm at my most creative when I restrict myself to these 3 basics. Give it a go sometime!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hooray! Here I am! I've finally joined the world of blog! Have no idea what I'm doing, mind please bear with me while I'm on my L's. It's taken me a while to go ahead and start up my blog. Why? One: I'm already so busy with the farm, running around after the girls, and occasionally actual scrapping. Two: My darling hubby thinks I already spend WAY too much time on the computer. Three: I wonder if I really have anything interesting to say!!! But here I am anyway! Let's be straight about one thing though - you won't be seeing every little boring detail about my life on here. I want my blog to be dedicated to my craft, my art, my passion, my addiction that is SCRAPBOOKING. I'm here to share my scrapbooking journey with you - my layouts, my ideas, my creativity and my art - to inform and inspire others and to grow and challenge myself. Enjoy!


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