Saturday, February 25

New Banner

Do you like it?

Sunday, February 19

Eye Candy Giveaway

How does this bunch of cuties grab you?
Hurry up and enter before the end of Feb!

Samantha sells her handmade creations on her blog...
So much colour and yumminess!

Friday, February 17

Doodle doodle doo.......

Letter Love is fabulous.
Taking me back to a former love...

Such fun!
Used the techniques on my latest scrapbook page....

.....which is my DT example for the latest Show Us Your Stuff Challenge.

Background paper from ICC - gorgeous stuff....(buy it here)
White acrylic paint dabbed over this great Prima brick wall mask.
Pink Paislee Mistables Scallop Ribbon misted and wound into a flower shape.
A delicious Karla's butterfly.
A few tiny word stickers and machine stitching to finish.

Want to see my drawings from last week's Life Drawing Class?
A little still life composition this time....

Texture galore.
Those tiny leaves on the jade plant drove me bonkers!

We tried drawing our own hand....

....which almost everyone freaks out about...
but after this exercise I was pretty chuffed!

Another class in the morning.
Can't wait!

On the family front....

Darlin' Bethany swam her heart out at the school swimming carnival this week....

.....all serious and professional in cap and gogs.....

....some great results....

......and to top off her wonderful day -
a medal for Junior Runner-Up Champion.
Those swimming lessons are paying off.
It seems she has finally found her "thing".
Happy happy days.

Wednesday, February 8

Arty Farty Stuff

Art class was SO MUCH FUN!
I must admit I was fairly nervous at first, thinking I wouldn't be 'up-to-par'.....but Leslie, our teacher does not make you feel that way at all. You are encouraged to do your own thing and let your individual style flow, and she is right there to give guidance when you get stuck.

We had a live nude model to sketch.....after the initial shock factor, I got into the swing of it - I was concentrating so hard on every pencil line I didn't give it a second thought.

Here are my attempts (well, the ones I'm happy to show you, anyways!)...
I used a big old fat graphite stick for this one - great for big sweeping lines and getting different line thicknesses. I had trouble with the hand she's leaning on, and I buggered up the head and face area (not enough width?)...but I'm quite happy with the body proportions...

The second attempt at this pose I used a regular 6B pencil - didn't get it finished, but I'm quite proud at my first Life Drawing efforts. And I learnt so much!

Ooo excitement - my ICC papers I talked about here arrived yesterday!!!!
Oh wow - so nice IRL, thick, vibrant and arty!

I used one to cover my Art Journal for the Letter Love 101 class (link in my side bar)...

I started doing the exercises on Monday. 
Oh my - this class is FABULOUS!
It includes 29 lessons in total and is open forever.
Why don't you join me?

Here's some of the stuff I've done so far....

Hello my old friends, Soft Pastels (scrapbooking chalks)!

Thanks for looking.
Hope your day is a joyous one!

Friday, February 3

A different kind of sketch

I recently decided to take up DRAWING again after unearthing all my old HSC Art under my bed.

I bought myself a set of graphite pencils and off I went.....
I drew this baby being cradled from an old Anne Geddes calendar...... elephant was copied from someone else's drawing in a book.....

.....and my crazy emu I copied from an Artist magazine....

I have a long way to I'm starting Life Drawing classes.......first one tomorrow morning!
I'm so nervous.
Wish me luck!

Another month-in-review double completed....

......edging the top and bottom with strips used up lots of scraps.

Have a guess what they're lookin' at.......

Some silly woman working out on her new cross-trainer!
Too funny!

Having an audience was a bit off-putting - but I won't complain about the view!

Thursday, February 2

It's Love!

Every now and then in the scrapping world something turns up that gets my heart beating a little quicker......
today I had a double whammy.....

Number one.....I found this class online......signed up on the spot......super excited to be learning from this lady!

Number two.....I am crazy for this new paper company, ICC.......

.....aren't they the best thing you've seen on paper for ages!!!!
Buy them here.

Okay - enough excitement for one day.
Bye bye friends!

Wednesday, February 1

Yee haa!

Experienced our first ever Tamworth Country Music Festival on Australia Day last Thursday.
What an eye-opener!
Lots of strange sights, wacky characters and busking.....and cowboy hats!!!!

Some pics:

Even the camels wear cowboy hats in Tamworth!!!!

It was school on Monday - the girls were SO ready to go back.
We were in such a rush to get the bus I got NO FIRST DAY SNAPS before school!!!! Shock horror!
And as it was, we had to flag down Bruce the bus driver as we sped to the gate.

I did get these of Kate after school:

I can assure you her hair was in a nice neat side plait when she left for the day....
Doesn't she look grown up?
My big high school girl now......sob!

Bethany is in Year 4 and Mia in Year 2....I must snap them tomorrow if we have some nice weather.

How about some scrapping?
I did two more month-in-reviews on the weekend:

I'm finding it easier and quicker to stick to one paper collection for these.....something I rarely ever do.......but with so many competing colours in the photos it just seems to work better.
Plus I'm using up my old papers....yay!

Don't forget you have 2 more weeks to have a crack at the SUYS quote challenge here.
Here's my example:

OK people, hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!
CU soon


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