Sunday, January 24

Inverell Inferno

You may have seen this on the news today....this beautiful old 1901 building went up in a spectacular blaze in the early hours of this morning.  See that green light to the left of the photo?  Directly under that is the office I work at - both upstairs and downstairs - you can see the upstairs windows.  My co-worker took this on her mobile phone when she was called in by security at 2am.  Apparently 6 businesses and 13 flats were hurt thank heavens.  Unsure of the damage to ours until we are allowed to go's all cordonned off for investigation.  So scary!

More gardening and painting today...I think today was even hotter than yesterday tho!

Then after a little snooze on the couch under the air con, with the cricket droning in the background (enough to send anyone to sleep really...) I scrapped these pics of Beth's fishing outing last July with the men at Manning Point.....

....used a Pip Prosser kit for this - although a bit altered from hers, nice and easy and not too much brain strain!  Thank you Pip!!!


  1. Oh that is scary!! but that layout is definetly not scary. great double!!

  2. The fire looks dreadful, so lucky that the occupants of the flats got away safely, but how sad for them to lose their homes and belongings. Terrible for those businesses too and a great loss for the town that a wonderful historic building is now lost and irreplaceable. I hope your lovely new office has not suffered too much damage.

    I love the LO, gorgeous as usual and a fun layout.

    Well done at getting all that woodwork painted in this are WonderWoman! xx

  3. ooooh Pen. So glad you weren't in the office at the time of fire!!




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