Thursday, January 21

Yum and Fun

First some YUM....

(If one of your New Years Resolutions is to lose weight, just close your eyes and skip to the next bit OK?)

Easy Peasy Homemade Ice Cream

This is so easy and sooooooo yummy, you will not believe it:

Whip together a tin of condensed milk and 600ml of thickened cream.  Freeze for an hour or so, then mix through whatever fattening naughty you desire (we used chopped up Caramello Koalas).....shove back in the freezer for about 3 or 4 hours until ice cream consistency......then you're ready to indulge!  Mmmmmmmm....

And now some FUN....

How's this for a good-looking family?  LOL!  I scrapped this for the Home and Scrapped cybercrop where Jules challenged us to create a poppet - what the heck!  I went and poppet-ed all of us!  Took me forever....but heaps of fun.

My Babushka wellies arrived!  Love 'em!  Now if it would only rain again....

Postie was extra kind to me yesterday....I also got this adorable diary from Korea - too cute for words!  I love it so much and can't wait to enter all my dates in it......I plan to be one organised chicky.

The kids and I killed a couple of hours in the heat of the day yesterday by watching the 3D version of Coraline....we looked so crazy in our goggles....had to snap a pic!

What're your plans for today?
So far the weather is much kinder, so for me its:
  • Find comfy homes for the plants I bought yesterday
  • Get started with painting doors and trims around the house....(blah) keen about this one!
  • Pick something delish to cook for dinner out of the Donna Hay mag.
Whatever you're up to, enjoy your day....and thanks for coming! xxx


  1. Love your wellies Penny. They are too nice to get muddy. That icecream is a must try. Have a great day.

  2. Dearest Pen,

    Wasn't it one of your New Years Resolutions to lose weight (as is mine!)??? Have you broken it already?!?!?!? :oP

    Love the wellies.

    Love our crazy LO!!


  3. Oh i so dont know what i want to comment on first - the wellies - so green right now! I love em! go get the hose out and make your self a puddle! 3d Coraline - gotta get me some girls!
    yOu guys make adorable poppets - love the ice cream, we like to use rolo bars in that type of ice cream, I have been known just to make swirls of caramel sauce through it as well!!

  4. Glad the caramello koalas I left for the kids came in handy! Yum....I have made this ice cream too but it is about 30% fat (or more)so don't eat too much at once!! LOL.

    I love the wellies, still waiting for mine to arrive. Too hot and sunny to wear them yet anyway. xxx

  5. My plans for the day? Pay the wages and do some bookwork first. Quick tidy of the house. Vaccuum. Tackle Kim's challenge on H&S. Trim some plants in the garden when it is (hopefully) cooler this evening.

    Good luck with the dreaded painting of woodwork!! xxx

  6. Shhhhh Linda! Don't tell!
    Of course, I only made it for the kids....

  7. Penny you have to taste and make sure it is ok for the kids too....

  8. Exactly Maria - it's a mother's responsibility....!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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