Saturday, January 23

Good Grief Charlie Brown... is HOT!!!

If anyone has any tips for keeping three hot grumpy kids entertained and from driving each other nuts, I for one would like to know.

Not much of a day to get anything done is it?

Proud of myself, however, for getting up early and painting....all the trims in the sitting room are now done - quite a job with two old fashioned sash windows, two doorways, a big archway, the front door, fireplace surround and skirting boards.  But what a difference!  All clean and lovely looking....and about time too!

This arvo when the heat hit the house I sat in the air con and hemmed Mia's school uniform.

Then I scrapped this.....

....which I feel is the only decent Xmassy photo of 2009.  This is the 2nd year in a row where I've hated all the pics I've taken over Christmas.  Lucky I'm not one for buying Christmas themed supplies!

Oh, and I don't think I've shown you this one yet....

...did it earlier in the week as part of the Home and Scrapped cybercrop.  Some nice blurry pics of the girls running around in my bff Linda's backyard playing soccer in the middle of winter.

Suppose I should go and organise something for dinner.....if anyone can stand to eat in this heat!


  1. Good job on the painting Penny. I went to Inv. today and bought undercoat to start on our boot room and kitchen......

    then I came home and stuffed the aircon....

    Love your xmas layout.

    Havea great w/end

  2. Love the soccer LO. Didn't realise is was my place til you wrote it. HA!

    Now, what to do with hot small children. How on earth should I know?!?!?!? Double HA!

    Wish I had air con.

    Please come paint my trims too.
    Started months ago, never finished.

    Thought we might see you in Guyra for the Lamb and Potato Festival today... you missed a total riot.


    ps - did I happen to tell you that I love your blog??

  3. So agreeing on the heat! Just makes everyone one tired and grumpy!! Love the layouts. adore the dooldling look in the christmas one!

  4. Love your Santa LO Pen! Oh yeah...I melted yesterday in the heat. The air con does not come down to the computer/scrap room and it was 35 deg in there! So I kept ducking back into the living room with a book to veg out on the sofa with some ice water. Felt sorry for the dogs and cats in their fur coats!

    Today I have had the oven on for hours so thank goodness it is a little cooler. Gran's birthday, 95 today so we are having a little tea party this arvo. Don't forget to ring!!

    Put the garden spray on for the kids if you can spare the water!

    Love to all there xxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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