Wednesday, September 19

A zombie and a fairy

.....went off to school today, looking even less related to each other than they normally do.

Yep - Book Week time again at Gum Flat!

We had a green-faced Zigi Zombieson from "Meet the Zombiesons", complete with exposed brain matter....(yep, that one really tested me - but I think I pulled it off. Thank you eBay)

And Opal the Desert Fairy from "Pearlie and Opal" by Wendy Harmer....

Erm, gee Mia - my delicate fair-skinned HAD to be an Indigenous fairy didn't you. 
Dark bronzer and shimmer tights were the best we could do there!

Poor Kate - no more Book Week dress ups for you my big high-schooler!

Sharing some characters of Book Weeks past for old times sake.....

Sunday, September 16

Love to Letter

"The world is filled with undiscovered wonder. Come little one, let's find them out together." - Emilie Ahern
Lovely quote, hey.
It's the challenge for Show Us Your Stuff this month.

This old-ish photo of Millie-pup tagging after Mia in the garden was a perfect fit for the quote.....when Millie was litle they would spend ages outside exploring together.
Cute as!
Lots of hand made thingamy-bobs on here, including my own hand lettered title.

Helping to keep the art of lettering alive, I've been teaching a little class all term at our local school - Gum Flat Primary.
I've had such a ball - and I'm pretty certain they did too...
They would run out to me as I arrived offering to help carry this or that, they awarded me a trophy not once but twice throughout the term, and gave me the biggest cheer on my last day!
And wow - talk about impressive talent! Being a small school, I had everyone from Kindy to Year 6 in the one class, and every single one of them created something amazing.

 Thrilled to get the chance to be involved in the classroom like that.
And to spark the love of lettering in our young folk.

Gum Flat School have such fun!
More photos here.

Monday, September 10


For the past 10 days I have been totally immersed in Suzanne Collins' HUNGER GAMES series....

I mean TOTALLY immersed.
Life kinda stopped for a while.

Now I'm out the other side, this is what I have to say about these books.

Gut wrenching.
Unspeakably evil.
Agonisingly suspenseful.
Full-on gory action. wait, depressing.

Excuse me while I go lay down and recover from my mental and emotional exhaustion....

Any recommendations for my next read?
Sweet, light and fluffy preferably?


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