Monday, August 1

Lesson learnt...

.....crocs are not suitable footwear for fetching firewood from the wood shed.
Big rusty nails go straight through and cause excruciating pain. Owwwey!!!!!

If I could walk, I would go down and take a photo of the nasty culprit to show was a bigg-un! Tetanus booster done, now on antibiotics, strong pain killers and instructed to keep my foot elevated.....(we all know how impossible that is in a busy household)!

To cheer myself up a bit I might go and make a birthday card for my lovely sister in law using these gorgeous butterflies I made.....

So cute! They are for the new monthly technique feature I'm running over at SUYS.....check it out!

Sorry for the slackness of my blog updates lately. I will do better I promise!

Big shout out to MUM (who's having a wonderful adventure in Europe....jealous!), JOY (yes, I'm still here!) and LINDA (miss you!)



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