Thursday, January 7


Bit of a hiccup with that "good year" I was predicting....

....a broken bone!!!  The story in Mia's own words:

"I went ZOOMING down the hill....(scream)....and it went all wobbly....(sob)....and I crashed....(wail....scream.....hysterical crying)...and now my bike is flat!"

This all happened at 7pm Tuesday evening....about to serve up dinner....chicken kebabs sizzling in the pan....blood-covered screaming child at the doorstep....two child-witnesses traumatised....comfort and first aid applied....chicken kebabs burnt....flying visit to hospital....

Isn't parenting FUN!

I scrapped for the first time since the beginning of December.  Always a struggle to get back 'in the swing' after a long break....not entirely thrilled with the resulting layouts - oh well....another 14 pictures scrapped....

This one was finally published in Scrapbooking Memories mag last month....I did it about 18 months ago!  I missed out on purchasing a copy....did anyone see it in Vol 11 No 11?

And this one was in the month before - Vol 11 No 10....

This steamy weather with the odd shower is doing wonders for the garden and paddocks!  Look how incredibly GREEN it is....

Hope you are having a nice day.
Thanx for stopping by....


  1. Poor little Mimi........gotta watch out for those crazy bikes with minds of their own! Lots of love and cuddles from Martha xxxx

    Those green paddocks look great, the grass is growing madly here too with the heat and the rain. The cattle are just loving it and hopefully, growing dollars!!

  2. Oh Pen, poor Mia, the story was great, but having been in a similar position lots of years ago except mine was taken to Gatton Hospital, then Toowoomba Hospital, then surgery and finally back to the ward at 1am the next morning. Child stayed in hospital, mum stayed with her for the night. Carly broke her elbow when she was 11. Good scrapping opportunity. Love the other pages you have posted, I wish mine came out that good after a break. The rain has made the country side everywhere look fabulous, hopefully we get some back up rain in a few weeks. Joy

  3. OH PENNY!!!! Those wombat LO's are the bestest you've ever done in your whooooooole life!!!!

    whoot whoot whoot.

    Poor wee Mimi. Poor wee traumatised siblings. Wot colour cast will Mia get, I wonder?


  4. Ouch Mia. Ooohhh Penny. Parenting? Why do we do it to ourselves. Hope Mia is on the mend.

    Yes Penny it is amazing what drizzle can do. Our poor eyes are slowly adapting to the colour change.

  5. Oh my Penny, I just caught up with all your blog entries. My poor little Mia give her a great big kiss and cuddle from her Aunty B. What a thing to have happened. Still that is it for this year Pen. The rest of the year will be great I am sure. Bron


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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