Wednesday, January 25


I'm trundling along with my 2011 month-in-review layouts....
I showed you March last post, and here is Feb:

I found a packet of old Adorn-It valentines day type stickers and based the whole layout around them - a handy little technique I use when colour schemes elude me!

I'm stealing the wonderful Pip Prosser's favourite doubles design for most of these - just perfect for heaps of photos.

New reads:
I finished this one....
 ....highly recommend it for mothers with girls of any age. Some of her ideas for rituals are a bit out there, but her promotion of the mother-daughter relationship and its importance for raising well-balanced children is spot on.

Started this one last night..... know how much I enjoy this author (she of the Shopoholic series)....LOVE this story so far! Lots of giggles!

Less than a week left of the school between working I'm trying to spend as much time with the girls as I can.... this week I took them to see:

.....a gorgeous heartwarming story......definitely one for the girls.......Matt Damon is dreamy.......sigh........bring the tissues.

We now have FIVE sets of twin bubby lambs! Pretty amazing since we only have 7 ewes. One set is so incredibly tiny, they look like white cats running around. Haven't managed to photograph those ones yet, but here are some others:

To all those being affected by floods - keep safe.
Rain rain go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Monday, January 23

DT Call + layout share

Firstly, get on over to Show Us Your Stuff and check out the requirements to join our fabulous Design Team!

How was your weekend?
I scrapped a little bit in between the housework and child minding.....getting two more Month-in-Review pages done for 2011.

My February month-in-review which I gave a bit of a Valentines feel (whoops, I will upload when I remember the photos)

and here is March....

Look what we got for Christmas....

It took pretty much all arvo to work it out and make enough pasta for dinner....but boy, did we have some messy fun.....

...and it tasted....WOW!

Toodles for now!

Thursday, January 19

Back to the Beginning

Do you realise I scrapped a mere 13 layouts last year? And 12 of those were for my Design Team work. I think I lost interest slightly (gasp!)....having a gazillion other things on the go didn't help.

So....I'm going back to the beginning of 2011.....starting with my January photos.
I figure if I can do 12 month-in-review layouts, I will have at least scrapped all my fave photos and created a darn good record of last year.

Here's my first:

I love those days when you wake up with no particular plans....and the day unfolds into one of the most enjoyable.
Sunday was exactly like that.

A friend rang up and said "let's take the kids strawberry picking!".
So we did! And it was the best fun!


We may have gone a bit overboard......but just look at those beauties! And at $6 a kilo how could you go wrong.

No-one wanted to go home so we toodled around to see what else we could discover in our local area....and we uncovered a gem!
New England Woodturning Supplies in Gilgai - where we found unique and beautiful wooden articles handmade by Rob Day and his 14 year old son.

The kids were treated to an impromptu didgeridoo performance by Rob (OMGoodness - so awesome!), we were shown around the workshop and my friend and I picked out some gorgeous pieces of wood that Rob is going to make into funky chopping boards for us.

The perfect excuse for us to go back when they're ready - and this time I'll remember to take photos!

The day finished by calling in to another friend's house where we ate, chatted and the kids played happily.


Saturday, January 14

Scrapping the Scraps!

Today I turned these...

into this...

It's the first challenge for a BRAND NEW challenge blog I discovered...

Looks like it could be fun!

Friday, January 13

Xmas Pics

Our wonderful Gingy House.
It was the kids' wish to get one - I got a pack you just have to put together and decorate. Easy right?
Oh my - what a doozy! It took literally HOURS, bits kept sliding slowly off in the heat, the piping bag was a beast to control.....
But we had fun - didn't we???

Love this laughy picture of Kate snapped at the Xmas Eve dinner table (we have our big meal on Chrissy Eve and save Xmas Day for fun and relaxation - and leftovers).

Beth with her extremely AWESOME electric guitar on Xmas morning.
She was SO excited about this one.

Mimi with some of her loot.
Happy, happy Mimi!

A few days after Christmas we went with friends to a gorgeous local fishing spot...

Beth was very proud of the cod she caught...even if it was undersize. She graciously let it swim free, but not before she brought it to shore for a photo!

See you next time!

Thursday, January 12

Farmy news

What kind of an egg do you call this chookies???? 

Mini omelet anyone? 

Oh my - how things are growing down on the farm!
My vegie patch 6 weeks ago...

And this week...

Makes me feel all content and happy inside!

And remember my new garden last January?

Here's how it looks now (and needs weeding again)...

My beautiful Milly girl 12 months ago...

And now....

Of our 6 working dogs, I do have a soft spot for Milly. She is so sooky and gorgeous not to mention extremely intelligent (I taught her to shake hands). Thankfully she's turned out to be a good worker too - that means she gets to stick around.

More little feet pattering in the paddock....5 baby lambs! Including one set of twins.
Cute, cute, cute!

The new mailbox I got for Christmas prompted a facelift for our property entrance, including getting around to displaying the lovely sign my Mum had hand-painted for Tim's 40th 18 months ago!

Look who's snazzy now!

Tuesday, January 10

A New List

Have you noticed I've deleted my old Book List from my side bar and started a brand spanking new list for twenty-twelve?

So far I've read....

......beautiful true accounts of encounters with angels.....(yes, I'm a believer)

......a peak into the real life of someone who "see's dead people" and a must for fellow fans of Medium the TV show.....

And I'm 13 chapters into....

No wonder there's not much scrapping or guitar practice happening!

I set myself a personal goal to "read more books" in 2011....I managed 23 novels (plus countless non-fiction books) which is 23 more than the year before.
Quite impressed with myself....what's more I've re-discovered my love of books.

I wonder if I can beat that in 2012?


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