Thursday, December 10

Speed scrapping & Mia's important day

I whipped up this page in under an hour today (incredibly speedy for me......)

...I like the circley bits.....simply scribbles on white cardstock, cut out.  And I added colour to my cardboard thickers with a quick swipe of inkpad.  Done!  When I showed Beth, she said she doesn't remember me taking the wonder.....look how totally engrossed she is in that tomato sauce-covered dish!

Finally got around to scrapping our October happenings....close up.....

....and the whole layout.......'s fun to combine those odd leftover photos on the one double layout as a kind of 'monthly review'.  November is next on the list.

Ballet concert is in full swing.  Four performances down (since Tuesday!) and four more to go.  It all ends Sat night with the big presentation.  We will all be totally wiped out by the end of it.

Here are my two beauties in their makeup just before leaving the house....

....(remember my other beauty has switched from ballet to karate this year!!)  And here they are in costume ready to go.......

.....the production is Cinderella.....Mia is a Night Fairy who leads Cinderella home after the clock strikes 12.....Kate is one of the Townsfolk and is involved in two different scenes.

Mimi is dreadfully impressed to be in a cute are her golden wings and tiara?

A huge day for Mia today....following her ballet performance this morning, she arrived late to preschool for her final day EVER.....we brought along a plate of 'Reindeers' to share.....

......had icy poles outside in the shade, then the mums and dads chatted while watching the kids play happily....

.....a lovely way to spend an afternoon, delighting in the way my little girl has grown - not just in size, but in confidence and sense of self.  Was kind of a sad moment to say goodbye to preschool - but also exciting knowing that this little person has a big and happy future ahead.

Nite nite.

Monday, December 7

Our hectic life

Life is simply crazy at this time of year, isn't it!

Here's some of what's been keeping us busy.......

Kate modelled for the life drawing class at the art gallery - a real test of her ability to keep still!  She held the final pose for nearly an hour....ouch!  It was so interesting to watch the artworks unfold - people are so talented.

Bethie earned her yellow belt in karate....she takes it all very seriously - this is definitely a girl with black belt in her sights......!

Mimi had her kindy cute!  She insisted on going in full uniform....a shock to the system to see my little baby ready for big school.....

The last weekend of November (yes, that horrible blustery stinking hot one) we met up with my side of the family at Nambucca, which is kind of a halfway point for us, for a pre-Xmas Xmas.  Camping, pressies, food, beach....what more could one want?  Slightly more bearable temps would have been nicer, but in typical Budden tradition, fun was had by young and old.......

.....boogie boarding at the lovely sheltered Shelly Beach.....

This is my Granny....we were delighted to have her along too. Although not very mobile, and with an uncooperative hearing aid, she loved being surrounded by the grandkids and feeling the sand between her toes for the first time in 20 years! Gran turns 95 this January, pretty amazing huh.

The girls with their cousins Amarah and Jake.....played happily together all weekend!

Not much happening at the scrap desk, apart from my online class and some designing I'm doing for Totally Addicted to Sketch this month.  Hope to do some more pages soon.........but I can see life is going to get in the way!

Ballet concert rehearsals and performances will be happening almost every day this week, a Xmas get together with my Thai Cooking group on Sunday, and going to work in between......and I still haven't even got to the movies yet to see New Moon!

Saturday, December 5

Come one and all...

Hey you!
Just this minute finished running an online class at the Scrapawhile forum.  Want to see?

The ladies are busily cutting, pasting and sewing as we speak!

The steps are here and are open to all and sundry to come and have a go whenever you get the urge.
There are still some kits available to purchase for $10 (see the Scrapawhile shop), or you can use your own stash.

If you do decide to play, please share your page with me!  Either upload to the gallery given in the tutorial, or just email it to me.  Pretty please?  It's the best part of the whole experience.....for me anyhow!

Have lots to catch up on, so I will post again soon.
Night night for now.


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