Sunday, January 10

My Sunday

Scrapped this using Pencil Lines latest sketch...I like it!

Made these....Lemon Yogurt Muffins...

Washed all three dogs....

Poor Digger - not impressed about smelling like Sunlight soap rather then cow poo and dead animal...

Had to laugh at Mimi's determination to be mobile- a broken arm WILL NOT keep this girl down....

Took photos of some amazing storm clouds over our property...

Hope you had a wonderful day too!


  1. Pen, Just love the photos, you always seem to have so much fun on your farm. Good on Mia for not letting the broken arm stop her. A real little trooper. Your LO are my inspiration, perhaps one day I will be able to get a LO to look half as good as you do. Joy

  2. LOVE your "In Love" LO, Pen. The colours are beautiful!

    Mia is WONDER WOMAN!! Wot an awesome little character.

    Was Digger the only pup to have a bath? Did he roll in something really foul?

    We made a new wombat burrow today. And tried to soothe a new wallaby in care - Milo. Very cute but a little anxious in his new home.


  3. Looks like it would take a lot to keep your girl down!!!
    I love your lay out. I adore the blue ( is it denim?) fabric, it really lifts it to another dimension.

  4. Love the LO Pen. thanks for sharing the photos of life at Sunnydale, it always brightens my day to see what you are all up to.

    Poor Diggy, the look on his face tells the story! Dogs do not appreciate being clean!

    Mimi is still confident to ride a bike, even if she has had to revert to the tricycle! Bless her.

    Hope those storm clouds brought you some rain instead of just looking picturesque!


  5. Oh penny.... we must have been thinking about each other at the same i came to check up on you... it's my week to catch up with ...first up. Wow I love you love "in LOve"... with the denim shape matt...something i am into at the moment...have been working on some other shapes lovin it... oh gosh i too am lovin the babushka dolls too... i love the gumboots...i have been surfing esty for some special scrappy things... can't wait for them to get here..and i love the Japanese things...cute...mwah


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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