Saturday, January 9

SBS, New Purchases and a LO

Loving these shows on SBS right now:
Gourmet Farmer and The Nest.....both have inspired me to formulate some new years resolutions about balance and healthy living.....will share soon.

Used some Xmas spending money to spoil myself this week.....a bit naughty really.

How's this for a cute wallet?  OK, so it's a kids one.....but I just had to have it!  Made me happy to throw away my old battered brown leather one.  It's by Darling Dynasty, beautiful stuff....look them up.

And I've ordered my Russian Doll gumbies too.....hoping our puddles don't dry out before they arrive!

Remember that holiday to SA I was telling you about a few months back?  Well, we'd be there right now if it wasn't for Tim not wanting to leave the cattle during the drought.  Good thing we postponed it too.....heatwave in Adelaide, raging bushfires in Port Lincoln....not the best conditions for tenting!  Hoping Easter time will be nicer.

Lastly, a layout share - my 4th creation for 2010....

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Those boots are very cute.....
    Such a pity you won't make it over here to SA but it is best with the heat and fires around at this time of year to stay safe. Maybe later in the year we can see you.
    Hope you don't mind, I've given you a blog award on my blog - it's all about things you love.

  2. LOVE the groovy new wallet. Where did you get it? I'm always looking for funky new wallets.... the ones they have for adults are so boring!



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