Wednesday, July 28

Cookin' up a recipe

 How's this for a tasty recipe?
  • The color Baby Blue
  • Ink (and lots of it!)
  • Masking
  • Newspaper print, or some sort of paper with words
  • Stripes
Yep, it's the final Design Dollies Elements Challenge for July and it's good to go......get your entries in girls!

Here's the page I cooked up.....


....our little Sky, who is now with her new owners and going under the name of Pebbles! I think Baby Blue suits her, don't you?

Oh, by the way, have I shown you this one?

I think I forgot to! This was the DD Colour Challenge from last week....(which is too late to enter now), but it's such a yummy combo, isn't it? One to store away in the Ideas File I am thinking.

And just so you know, the darling wombat in the pic is Chilli. You may remember her from this post here when she was just a wee bubby. Oh my, she has grown soooooo much! I visited her in March when I went to stay with Linda. Such a special girl. She has to be 20 kgs before she can be released into the wild again - I think she's almost there (will be a sad, yet happy moment....)

Okey dokey, thanks for popping in!

Tuesday, July 27


Congrats........ (drum roll please) ......


You are the lucky winner of my "Which Dolly Am I?" draw, and this prize pack of delicious embellishments is yours!!!

And Congrats........ (more drums) .......


You are the lucky winner of my Followers've won one of my Class-in-a-Box packs, which includes a whole bunch of goodies from Crate Paper along with my step by step instructions to make this layout:

Ladies, please email me (click on View My Complete Profile in the side bar to find a link to my Email) with your full name and address and your goodies can start their long journey over the oceans.

For all other Hop Winners go here.....

THANK YOU to everyone who participated (you are great sports!). You've made my first ever blog hop such a fun experience! Yay!

Did you guess it?

Here she is! My Design Dollies dolly.....

Isn't she darling? Her name is Magda Matroyshka and she's a "spoolie doll" made by Connie from SunnySideUp Studio. I know Connie would be thrilled if you visited her Etsy Shop to meet some of Madga's friends:



PEPPER (with SuperHero friend)

Super cute, right?

OK - did you guess her?
More than half of you did - yay to you!
Which makes me think I made a pretty good choice selecting Magda to represent my style and personality.

If not - who cares? You're still in my draw if you had a crack at it....and in the running to win this little pack of yumminess I've put together for you:

You have in there some of my fave embies you'll often see on my pages,
including Maya Road Envelopes, Basic Grey Woolies, My Litttle Shoebox mini alpha stickers, Imaginisce Rub ons, a variety of journalling tags and a colourful bunch of bits and bobs to liven up your crafting. You like?

The winner will be revealed very soon.....both here and on the Design Dollies blog.
Just waiting for the Doll Bosses to verify all the winners.
Hope it's you!!! 

(And I haven't forgotten my Followers drawer either....stay tuned!)

Friday, July 23


Well hello there hoppers!  If you are following the Design Dollies trail and have just arrived from Kristy's Corner of the Studio...then you've come to the right place!
Welcome welcome!

If you are here by chance (or just because you love me).....then c'mon - jump on board the
Design Dollies Blog Hop Event!
At worst you'll get to surf the blogs of a group of ultra talented and very lovely scrappers....and at best you'll win a truckload of loot!

Now wonderful peoples, the main point of this hoppy adventure is to tell you more about the wonderful Design Dollies challenge blog...and of course, the fab team who puts it all together for you every week (3 times a week in fact!)....including Moi!

We've all created a special little Getting To Know Us project......and here is mine:

Now it's your turn. Up for a little game
Here's what you need to do:

1. List 5 things about YOU that most people wouldn't know;
2. Guess which doll in the Design Dollies title bar belongs to me (we have each selected our own dolly that we think represents us);
3. Leave comments at ALL the other Dolly's blogs, INCLUDING the main Design Dollies blog so we know you've completed the hop. (Even if you don't fancy playing all the other games/challenges on the other Dolly's blogs, you still need to visit them and leave a comment so you are eligible for the ones you do play along with.)

Everyone who plays (even if you don't guess my Dolly correctly), will be put in the draw for this yummy prize pack that includes some of my fave-est embies....

For an EXTRA prize I just know you're gonna want, become a Follower of Scissors Paper Pen, and you'll go into a second draw. Yay!
If you're already a Follower (bless you!) make sure you note that in your message to me.

No need to rush.  You have the whole weekend to complete the Blog Hop......
for us Aussies that's midday Monday,
and for our friends from the US, 10pm Sunday evening.

So stay a while, have a browse around, check out my BIO here (maybe pick up some clues to guess my Dolly), add me to your faves and keep on the look out for those fabulous
Colour, Sketch and Elements Challenges that each happen once a week at the Dollhouse.

To start at the beginning of our fantasmagorical Blog Hop.....or if you get lost......go here to the Design Dollies Blog for directions.

Have fun on your travels.....
NEXT STOP is Being Karen.....
say hi to her for me!


Sunday, July 18

Weekend crafting + a mini break

A quick little project I whipped up for Beth & Mia's bedroom....

.....if banners look cute on a scrapbook page, I figure they're gonna be super duper cute to brighten up a plain white blind!

Their new room is starting to come together....just the fun decorating part to do!  I want my next project to be little patchwork runners for the end of their beds.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a really easy and basic design for my first ever quilting attempt?

I can't believe I'm crocheting!
Not*very*wonderful flowers on a big chunky kid's crochet hook....but I'm doing it!  You have to promise you won't laugh at my efforts....

Last week we took a few days to visit the fam on the coast.
A rather big event to be celebrated.....

....Tim's birthday - and yes, that is a big old 40 on top of the cake!
More photos of various family members pigging out on cake and things....

Yum yum!

It's so cool the way the kids fall back into a close and easy friendship with their cousins even after months of being apart. They raided Grandma's closet and gave us an impromptu fashion show....totally hamming it up for the camera.....makes me laugh!

The 4 remaining puppies came along with us for the 7 hour trip as well....we decided their feeding regime was too much for the neighbour, plus Poppy had to be delivered to Mum....they were SO GOOD!

We managed to find a lovely new family for Sky while we were Sky is now Pebbles and lives with Wilma the Kelpie over the ranges....good bye Sky/Pebbles you cutie pie you!

Tim's Mum made him a scrapbook for his birthday....I love it so much....a gift not only for Tim but to our kids and future generations....oh what a beautiful baaaaaby!!! (And you gotta love BrylCream on a 3 year old...hehehe)

....and all this by a person who does NOT scrapbook! In fact, I think the exact words were "I HATE scrapbooking!" Thank you so much Grace, we are sure glad you endured the torture....the photos and memories inside will be treasured always.

A couple of pics of this weekend....Mia's little friend was here for her first ever sleepover (a little nervewracking, but thankfully no midnight dashes home to mum)....we piled everyone on the trailer to collect firewood....

...and check for new calves...this handsome little man is our first baby for 2010...

Kids back to school the day after tomorrow....then I guess it'll be a quick downhill slide toward Christmas! Yikes!

Thursday, July 15

Cartoon Inspiration

Whoops! So much for those photos and stories I promised you......
Working 5 days this week (don't know how all you full-time working mums do this!!!)
Really missing my scrap/blog/computer time.

I did however, get some time to squeeze in my next project for Design Dollies.....
an Elements Challenge that has to be cartoon-inspired with a summer-y flavour....

Founding Dolly, Adina, mentioned Phineas & Ferb were her daughter's faves
so I searched online for one of their beachy locations.
I drew and cut out all the scenery - including those fiddly little palm trees....

.....found a great holiday snap of Beth and Mia then finished off with a title
based on the Phineas & Ferb logo.

And if you feel like another sketch.....try this one on for size....

How sweet is it?

Friday, July 9

Thursday is Sketch day

If you love sketches (like moi), head over to Design Dollies each Thursday for some sketchy inspo!

Here's this week's little beauty.....

I know, the whole asymetrical idea was a bit freaky at first.....but those little strips on the lower right edge balance everything just right.  Have a go!

Just in case you're wondering, no the crochet flowers are not my creation (I really must learn!)....

......they were made by Ebony van der Starre's mum and if you ask very nicely you can get some for yourself via Eb's blog.

Went away for a few days this week, visiting family to celebrate Tim's big and stories to come!

Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, July 2

Dollies Gig Begins!

My first layout for Design Dollies is up on the site, along with an intro for all the new Dollies......yaaaaay!!!

My first challenge was of the sketchy kind (you know how I loooove sketches) 'tis:
....the brackets make perfect little waves to carry on the beach theme, don't you think?

This is the sketch I had to play with by the delightful Kristy (one of the founding Dollies)....

I really hope you all play along too!!!

OMGoodness it's been cold, hasn't it!
Woke to a very chilly but BEAUTIFUL sight on Tusday morning....the sun rising over icy paddocks....

Family news:
A certain someone turned SIX yesterday.....

All she wanted was a digital camera (wonder where she gets that from......)
and of course her wish was granted....

How cute is it? It's a funky hot-pink Fujifilm...has just as many great features as my big one and fits in your pocket! May just have to "borrow" it.....hehehe.

My children kinda EXPECT a home-baked cake each birthday.
For Kate one year I bought one from a very accomplished cake decorating lady - it was really very nice - and Kate was sooooooooo upset!!!
Stayed up until midnight on the eve of Mimi's day to make this....

....a rather funny-looking pot-bellied bear with scary eyes.....
She thought it was WONDERFUL!
And it must have tasted OK too - the cake-board came home from school completely clean.

Be happy! It's FRIDAY, people!!
Cya soon xxx


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