Wednesday, January 2

365 Drawings 1 & 2

Blame it on the watermelon/lime/vodka slushies I consumed on NYE.
Instead of the usual "lose weight" resolutions of New Year's past, I set myself a challenge.
365 drawings.
One piece of art per day.
Am I mental or just slightly nuts?
I'm thinking either or both.
Whatever, I'm pretty sure (if I can do this) my drawing skills will improve dramatically.
Worth it? Absolutely!
My Day 1 drawing.....
 .......I posted on Facebook yesterday and got 32 likes! Which for someone with 100 friends is quite a lot I'm thinking. 
I'm working on my "realistic eye" skills.
Watching this You Tube clip really helped.
Day 2.....

......the stunning Mrs Obama. Such a great face to draw!
Got a bit carried away with the eyes though - on the freakishly largeish side.

Still like it though - has a cartoonish vibe.

Join me on my mission if you dare!



  1. Oh wow, Penny. These are fantastic!! Like like like like like -- there's another 5 likes from me to you:) xx

  2. Awesome drawings Penny!! I would love to join you on this challenge if I may - though I'm not sure I'll have time for one every day. I'll give it a go!

    1. Oh Jane please do! Will you post them on your blog? Link back to mine if you do - would love to see how you go.
      As for 365 - I'm having doubts as well! Hoping I can at least manage a quick daily sketch or doodle.
      Welcome aboard!!!!

  3. How many ways can you draw a house with crooked chimneys & a door with 4 windows? That's my artist standard. I could vary it with a stick figure or 2!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let me stop you, tho - you've started out really well, keep it up...& I thought 'cartoon' with Ms O before you'd written it - looks great, tho:):):)

    1. You are funny! You know, lots of people say that and I once thought the same. But it's one of those things - if it interests you it's not that difficult to learn and to get better with practice.
      Hope your Chrissy was lovely Lizzy - Happy New Year!

  4. Fabby, Pen! Your talent is amazing! xxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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