Friday, December 28

Old & New Xmas Traditions

There we go.
Xmas over for another year.
How did you spend yours?
I love reading people's Christmas blog posts to see how other families "do" Christmas.
Our family Xmas traditions:
A real tree - put up only a few days prior to Xmas before all the needles start to go crunchy.

Our main Xmas meal is eaten on Xmas Eve so the women of the house can relax on Xmas Day.
Everybody dons paper hats out of the Xmas crackers - and other relevant (but crazy) headwear and accessories.

We check the night sky for Santa's sleigh lights, sing along to the Carols on telly then put out Santa's snacks.
Then we usher the kids off to bed - and wait.............
1.30 am (I swear Santa had no more than 10 minutes to sneak in and out) the lights in our bedroom came on and 2 excited girls dragged their sacks in to show us!!!!
Thankfully convinced them to go back to bed and come back when it was light.
Frenzied unpacking of Santa sacks on the loungeroom floor at first light. Lots of knick knacks and "needed" bits and pieces like new school bags, textas, games, books....and nail polish and makeup for Kate.
Grandparent's are woken and we all gather around the tree. The kid's raid the pressies and hand them out. Adults take forever to open theirs as all eyes are on the kids reactions as they rip into their gifts.
The big pressies come from us....this year it was iPod Touch's all round.
A yummy brekky of yogurt, fruit, croissants, bagels and juice.
When we're spending Xmas at home it means that family are here too......we often congregate under Grandma and Pop's caravan annexe and relax.
Or get everyone involved in our latest building project.....
Our rustic freestanding pergola is looking fab!
2012 sees the start of a new Xmas tradition.....
playing in our new pool!

Hope your Christmas was a blast too!


  1. Looks like your Christmas came together beautifully...despite the building project:):):) happy new year to you & yours::):):):)

  2. Spending Christmas with you all was the best fun! Missing you already! xxx


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