Thursday, January 10

9 & 10 - 365 Drawings

Ten days of "a drawing a day" and still going strong!

Yesterday I drew one of our lovely cows.....

We have about 140 cattle and they all look different.
Each have their own unique "hairstyle" tufty thing on top of their head. This one was pretty tame - some have quite alarming mops up top!
This girl is a Limousin cross - so a lovely caramel colour with blonde highlights on her face.
Ain't she a stunner?

Today's portrait is my Princess Mia - at 7 years old (last year).

Took ages to get right - I think it's harder when you draw your loved ones cos they need to be SO exact or they just look plain weird!
Really happy with the result though - a very close likeness.
Right down to the freckles and the long long dark lashes Mia is known for.
She is wearing a hoodie - fabric folds are tricky!

See you soon.


  1. I love your drawings. Wish I could draw!

    1. Thanks Crystal. I wish I could knit and crochet like you!!!

  2. Gorgeous drawings....& I think your cow is awesome...don't think I've seen a bovine portrait done like this before!! !!!!

  3. Your heifer is adorable and the portrait of Mimi is a wonderful likeness, right down to the long eyelashes. Gorgeous girls and gorgeous drawings Pen, you are doing some outstanding work. xx

  4. Oh wow these are fantastic drawings!!! :D

  5. Wow love your heifer portrait...they do have some classy hairdo's - and your portrait of Mia is stunning her eyes have a life of their own.

  6. Penny, you are such a talent!!! What gorgeous drawings!!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I stil lcan't reply and send you a message back. Not sure what's going on there. Perhaps something to do with the email account linked to your google account??? not really sure.

    Hope you guys are well. Lovely to be hanging out here today:) xx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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