Saturday, January 5

Drawings #4, #5

For Day 4 I decided I wanted to draw a male......when I mentioned this to my good buddy Linda during a FB chat she put in a special request - her celebrity crush Robert Downey Jr.
So this one's for you Linda!!!

Was good to draw a more natural eye with no makeup - and to try my hand at facial hair.

Today I blew up a photo of  little Cleo - the tabby kitten I got for Mum earlier in the year.
She's much bigger now - but I think this drawing captures her youth rather well!

Drawing fur is HARD!
A really sharp pencil is essential (I sharpened mine every 30 seconds) - for repeating thousands of tiny hair strokes.
Does anyone know how to do white whiskers??? That one had me stumped.

Thanks for popping in!


  1. Your drawing of Cleo has really captured her perfectly! I love this. Truly, cats are so hard to draw!! Linda can keep RD jnr.......I vote for Cleo! xx

  2. Looks like you're catching up & going to be ahead of yourself at 2 a day rate...LOVE the one of RD Jun...looks soooo life like -as does the kitty kat...he looks soooo sweet:):):)

  3. Holy cow, I cannot believe these drawings, totally INCREDIBLE!!! Robert looks totally realistic! You are so talented!


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