Sunday, January 13

Blend Me Happy

Drawing #11 - something different - a still life of coffee and biscotti as requested by a friend!

And #12 - talented and gorgeous actor Amanda Seyfried from the TV series Big Love, Mamma Mia the movie and lots more since.

 Another lady with amazing eyes!
I've decided I really love to draw eyes - must be why I'm so keen on portrait drawing!

Tried out these on both drawings.....

.......(a Xmas pressie from Mum - thanks Mummy!)
I tend to use my finger for blending but I've found out that's a big no-no. Can leave grease on your page that the pencil then "grabs" to (yuk) and also leaves your fingers black! Messy!

These blenders are made from paper compressed into a stick.
You just rub where you want to blend your pencil lines.
I LOVE the result!
So subtle and perfect for skin.
Also worked well on the white coffee cup.


  1. I love the effect of the blenders, I must get some for myself! Your drawings are becoming a daily 'must see' for me, and they are a complete delight. So proud of you, darling! x

  2. Hey, Penny...nice to see you over at mine....I WANT that cuppa one...looks soooo yummy, makes me want to raid the Chrissy cake tin...& you've got the 'MM' girl - didn't know here name, down to a're doing soo well with your sketching!!!!!!

  3. I love the blenders, Pen! I normally use my finger, this looks so much better. A must purchase!

    Can I borrow your Dawn French book?



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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