Sunday, January 6

Day 6 Drawing + Holiday Fun

Another hot guy for today's art work.....Channing Tatum.

He was the sexy bad boy in Step Up but I really fell for him in Dear John opposite Amanda Seyfried.  Oh god I love her too (filing that one away for a future portrait......)

Challenges were the slight distortion of the face resting in the hand and all that dark shading along the side of the nose. I don't think the irises are quite right either....

How's the hols so far? Keeping the kids amused?

In the heat of the day we've been Scrabbling.....
and Mario Carting......with much shrieking and squealing when I'm playing and invariably falling off cliffs and into boiling lava 15 times a game......FUN!

In the late arvo the girls hop in the pool (that pool is the best purchase we've ever made!!!) and there they stay until I drag them inside for dinner.

The vegie patch is producing wildly.
Lots of TOMATOES, BASIL and RED ONION for yummy salads and pesto.

And some gorgeous plump EGG PLANT...

.....grilled with olive oil and salt - divine.

What else can I cook with these ingredients?? Recipes anyone?

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