Sunday, January 20

15, 16 & 17 plus a layout

Took a quick break from drawing to complete my layout for this month's Show Us Your Stuff Challenge. Another image prompt. Check out the details here.

Put one of my drawings to good use - printed it on a 6x4 and scrapped it!

Lots of handmade goodies on here....if I could remember where they all came from I'd tell you, but I can't sorry.

But I can tell you the rose was cast from air-dry clay using Moulds By Mel, then painted with watered down ink (Mel was our lovely sponsor this month so all the DT received some!) These moulds are such a great invention - heaps of designs and beautifully detailed. Made of silicone they are so easy to use with clay, fimo, resin or wax - once pressed in, they come away so easily!

I'm a bit behind with 365 drawings.....storms, blackouts and the fact that my internet has been shaped doesn't help with trying to share them either....

So it's day 20 and I'm up to Drawing 17.

#15 Hugh Jackman
The first one I've been unhappy with - but I'll still show it - realising where things have gone wrong is all part of improving.
I do like the shading and the way the facial hair turned out - but the likeness is not there.
Hugh has very small eyes and I always insist on making the eyes bigger than they need to be!
I think the mouth is too wide also.
Looks more like Julian McMahon I reckon!

#16 Platypus Baby
People always freak about doing hands - but I love all the detail in them.
It's just a matter of seeing every crease and shadow and adding it to your drawing.
Draw what is there - not what you think should be there - is the motto I always try to keep in mind.

#17 Ellie
(my MIL's Border Collie)


  1. LOVE what you've done with your LO, especially the Kraft envelope - looks great around the sketch like that...see what you're saying about Hugh...but the Border Collie - could be my Toby [long dead now] gosh, they're BRILL dogs:):):) Keep it up, you're doing pretty good keeping up!!!!!!!!

  2. Ellie the dog and the platypus baby are adorable. HJ is pretty adorable too.........but I can see where your self criticism comes in. All the same, the drawing is good!

    Absolutely love your layout! Gorgeous!! xx

  3. Hey Pen. When I saw your first drawing I immediately thought Hugh Jackman. But when I read your words, yes I can see Julian McMahon in there too.

    Love the border collie too!

    No surprising which drawing I love the most tho. The platypus puggle is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!! I love it to bits!


  4. Great drawings again Penny. Love #17 Ellie.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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