Monday, February 11

Portraits + a win!

Well, this drawing-a-day thing has got a bit on top of me since going back to work after the Xmas break......but I'm doing what I can and will continue to do so!

I think we're up to #18.....
My middly girl Bethany at age 6 (4 years ago), ready for ballet:

#19 My nephew Jake at 2 months....loved trying a baby....rounded features and no eyebrows!

#20 Jake at 4 months:

#21 some pots on a table.....did this one at Art Class using square graphite's huge (A1 size)....

#22 Kate (my eldest) a couple of years ago:

#23 Johnny Depp

#24 Dean drawn from life at Art Class last Saturday:

.....using my new pastel pencils.....

THRILLED to tell you I entered 5 of my favourite drawings in our local show on the weekend and had a bit of a shock to say the least.

"Coffee and Toast" received a Highly Commended in the Still Life category:

"Sunnydale Heifer" came 2nd in the Work on Paper category:

"My Bessie" (drawn last year and featured in my blog header) came 1st in Novice:

"Mia" was 1st in Portraiture:

"Ellie" was 1st in Any Living Creature"

Then......lovely surprise......I was also awarded the Reserve Champion and Grand Champion of the Show!!!

Thanks for stopping by!
Keep drawing!


  1. Wondering where you'd been & if you were still keeping up with the sketching....GO YOU!!! How FANTASTIC re: your show wins - & it so doesn't surprise me you winning with that LOVELY doggy portrait, either:):)

  2. Good on you Penny. You deserved the wins too. I am so sorry I didn't get to the show to see your great works in real life.

  3. To say that I am a proud Mumma is an understatement! You are amazing, my darling, and your success is well deserved. I hope that you will always find time in your busy life to enjoy your art. Love xxx

  4. penny you deserve this they are all so good-love dee x

  5. Pen, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award for creative blogs. Go to my blog for details. x


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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