Wednesday, January 25


I'm trundling along with my 2011 month-in-review layouts....
I showed you March last post, and here is Feb:

I found a packet of old Adorn-It valentines day type stickers and based the whole layout around them - a handy little technique I use when colour schemes elude me!

I'm stealing the wonderful Pip Prosser's favourite doubles design for most of these - just perfect for heaps of photos.

New reads:
I finished this one....
 ....highly recommend it for mothers with girls of any age. Some of her ideas for rituals are a bit out there, but her promotion of the mother-daughter relationship and its importance for raising well-balanced children is spot on.

Started this one last night..... know how much I enjoy this author (she of the Shopoholic series)....LOVE this story so far! Lots of giggles!

Less than a week left of the school between working I'm trying to spend as much time with the girls as I can.... this week I took them to see:

.....a gorgeous heartwarming story......definitely one for the girls.......Matt Damon is dreamy.......sigh........bring the tissues.

We now have FIVE sets of twin bubby lambs! Pretty amazing since we only have 7 ewes. One set is so incredibly tiny, they look like white cats running around. Haven't managed to photograph those ones yet, but here are some others:

To all those being affected by floods - keep safe.
Rain rain go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Love popping into your blogland Penny. Love the pages that you are now sharing with us. I did miss your inspiration.

  2. Hello Pennylope. Love your new blog layout. Very swish.



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