Thursday, January 12

Farmy news

What kind of an egg do you call this chookies???? 

Mini omelet anyone? 

Oh my - how things are growing down on the farm!
My vegie patch 6 weeks ago...

And this week...

Makes me feel all content and happy inside!

And remember my new garden last January?

Here's how it looks now (and needs weeding again)...

My beautiful Milly girl 12 months ago...

And now....

Of our 6 working dogs, I do have a soft spot for Milly. She is so sooky and gorgeous not to mention extremely intelligent (I taught her to shake hands). Thankfully she's turned out to be a good worker too - that means she gets to stick around.

More little feet pattering in the paddock....5 baby lambs! Including one set of twins.
Cute, cute, cute!

The new mailbox I got for Christmas prompted a facelift for our property entrance, including getting around to displaying the lovely sign my Mum had hand-painted for Tim's 40th 18 months ago!

Look who's snazzy now!


  1. Pen - One poor chookie needs more food I think. WOW great photos of progress @Sunnydale. And I just love the photo of Mia making the pasta. Wish my mum would have let me in the kitchen - @ 50 I am just learning things now.

  2. The photos are lovely, especially the little lambs and Millie. Love that the sign has found a new home at the front of the property, looks so good. I am a bit envious of your purple fountain grass, it is superb..........must move mine out to the full sun, it might look better. xxx Mum

  3. Garden looking fab Pen!



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