Thursday, January 19

Back to the Beginning

Do you realise I scrapped a mere 13 layouts last year? And 12 of those were for my Design Team work. I think I lost interest slightly (gasp!)....having a gazillion other things on the go didn't help.

So....I'm going back to the beginning of 2011.....starting with my January photos.
I figure if I can do 12 month-in-review layouts, I will have at least scrapped all my fave photos and created a darn good record of last year.

Here's my first:

I love those days when you wake up with no particular plans....and the day unfolds into one of the most enjoyable.
Sunday was exactly like that.

A friend rang up and said "let's take the kids strawberry picking!".
So we did! And it was the best fun!


We may have gone a bit overboard......but just look at those beauties! And at $6 a kilo how could you go wrong.

No-one wanted to go home so we toodled around to see what else we could discover in our local area....and we uncovered a gem!
New England Woodturning Supplies in Gilgai - where we found unique and beautiful wooden articles handmade by Rob Day and his 14 year old son.

The kids were treated to an impromptu didgeridoo performance by Rob (OMGoodness - so awesome!), we were shown around the workshop and my friend and I picked out some gorgeous pieces of wood that Rob is going to make into funky chopping boards for us.

The perfect excuse for us to go back when they're ready - and this time I'll remember to take photos!

The day finished by calling in to another friend's house where we ate, chatted and the kids played happily.



  1. Sounds like the perfect Sunday. Did you make strawberry jam?
    Love the layout too.

  2. What font are you using for the January title, or is it a stencil/template?

  3. I hand draw the letters on scrap paper and cut out Raewyn - simple!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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