Tuesday, January 3

Squishy Heart Tutorial

I came up with this kinda quilted-look paper heart today. Here's what I did:

1. Cut out heart freehand (mine's about 2 inches square)

2. Stick some foam adhesive on the underside (not too near the edges)

3. Adhere to your background card or layout and sew around the edges with embroidery floss. Pre-punch holes with sharp needle first to make things easier

Cute huh?

Oh - how about scrunching your heart first?
Or tearing the edges.
You could do any shape you like!
Ooo I know - middles for flowers!

I am gonna have so much fun with this........



  1. oh wow penny, love love this technique, im gonna have as much fun as you with it

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, Pen. Love your heart.

  3. Great idea penny, just found this link from another blog SUYS, it is amazing who you meet in cyper space.
    Happy New Year


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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