Friday, January 13

Xmas Pics

Our wonderful Gingy House.
It was the kids' wish to get one - I got a pack you just have to put together and decorate. Easy right?
Oh my - what a doozy! It took literally HOURS, bits kept sliding slowly off in the heat, the piping bag was a beast to control.....
But we had fun - didn't we???

Love this laughy picture of Kate snapped at the Xmas Eve dinner table (we have our big meal on Chrissy Eve and save Xmas Day for fun and relaxation - and leftovers).

Beth with her extremely AWESOME electric guitar on Xmas morning.
She was SO excited about this one.

Mimi with some of her loot.
Happy, happy Mimi!

A few days after Christmas we went with friends to a gorgeous local fishing spot...

Beth was very proud of the cod she caught...even if it was undersize. She graciously let it swim free, but not before she brought it to shore for a photo!

See you next time!

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  1. LOVE all your pics from xmas, and have just been catching up on lots of posts. Wow, your farm is looking great ATM, loving your vegie patches, wish I had something like that but I have a black thumb it seems :( Doing up our mail box is on my list soon too and I have a property name waiting to be proudly displayed somewhere!
    All the best for 2012 to you and your family.


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