Wednesday, February 1

Yee haa!

Experienced our first ever Tamworth Country Music Festival on Australia Day last Thursday.
What an eye-opener!
Lots of strange sights, wacky characters and busking.....and cowboy hats!!!!

Some pics:

Even the camels wear cowboy hats in Tamworth!!!!

It was school on Monday - the girls were SO ready to go back.
We were in such a rush to get the bus I got NO FIRST DAY SNAPS before school!!!! Shock horror!
And as it was, we had to flag down Bruce the bus driver as we sped to the gate.

I did get these of Kate after school:

I can assure you her hair was in a nice neat side plait when she left for the day....
Doesn't she look grown up?
My big high school girl now......sob!

Bethany is in Year 4 and Mia in Year 2....I must snap them tomorrow if we have some nice weather.

How about some scrapping?
I did two more month-in-reviews on the weekend:

I'm finding it easier and quicker to stick to one paper collection for these.....something I rarely ever do.......but with so many competing colours in the photos it just seems to work better.
Plus I'm using up my old papers....yay!

Don't forget you have 2 more weeks to have a crack at the SUYS quote challenge here.
Here's my example:

OK people, hope you're having a fabulous Wednesday!
CU soon

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  1. Lovely story about Tamworth! Our gorgeous girls are growing up so fast, Kate looks lovely in her new High School Uniform. LOL I can hardly believe there were no photos taken on the morning! But I can imagine the panic to be ready for the bus on the first day........brings back memories! xxx


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