Tuesday, February 1

Monday is Free Day

It was back to school for the little munchkins on Monday....

Promises to be a big year for the Hackney girls....Kate goes into Year 6....Beth into Year 3 and up to the "big" primary classroom.....and Year 1 for Mimi - no longer the baby of the school.

I don't know about you, but school mornings around here are pretty much utter chaos....especially the first one after the hols. When they finally leave the house it feels as if I've witnessed a whirlwind....but the house is dreamily peaceful....and on Mondays, ALL MINE!

I finished off the garden we'd started on Sunday.....do you like the ancient gate we saved from the old sheep yards? Kinda quaint as a garden decoration I reckon.

Watched this DVD.....loooooove Anne Hathaway to pieces..... 

And started on my new book.......

......which I can tell i am going to adore.

How has your week been so far? 


  1. Oh my little darlings are growing up too fast!
    They all look happy to be returning to school, and don't mind the morning whirlwind, it doesn't last for ever!

    The new garden looks fab, and the old gate is a nice touch, you can grow something over it to soften the effect!

  2. i LOVE your garden Penelope!!!!


  3. Love your little garden there Penny.
    Can't believe your eldest is in Year 6 too. My boys have just started Yr 6 as well and I agree the whirlwind of morning chaos is always challenging. I love walking back in the house at 9am..... to the peace and quiet.
    Will be interested to hear your thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love. I am not a reader (at all) but my friend in the Netherlands had a copy which she gave me to read on the way home. I actually finished it which was a feat in itself and enjoyed it but was challenged be certain parts of it dragging on. I found it worth the read though.

  4. Oh I love your garden too (and Anne hathaway). I tried to email you about the 5 kilos scrapperes challenge but it bounced back so hope its OK to contact you this way. Its not too late to join as we only started yesterday...don't think you'll be too disadvantaged..in fact it might even spur you on (LOL). Hope to see your name in Mr Linky!

  5. Hi Penny..... thanks for calling in to our 5kg scrappers blog... NO, not too late to join at all.... Just follow the link up the top of the blog, and it will tell you what you have to do :) so glad you are going to join us :) Oh, loving your blog by the way...


    see you there......


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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