Sunday, February 13

A Small Success

.....I have lost my first KILO in the 5 Kilos Scrappers Challenge!!!

This is how I did it......

  • Stretches and sit ups in the mornings before work
  • Walking for 30 mins in my lunch hour
  • Protein-only on my first day (as per BodyTrim Diet)
  • Emptying my 600ml water bottle 3 or 4 times a day
  • Lots of vegies.....a little easier when you can pick them from your own garden....

Lunch today was a salad made from these tasty teardrop baby tomatos, fresh picked basil and fetta cheese with a drizzle of balsamic. Yummmmmmmmm.....

How was your weekend?
We had HOT weather through the day and TROPICAL storms in the evenings.....rather weird for the tablelands.  The garden seems to like it though. Look at my crepe myrtle in flower.........


We are lucky to have access to a friend's massive dam. I took the girls after school one evening for a cool-off.....

....and of course they didn't want to leave. Nor me for that peaceful and lovely.

Just before sunset this arvo we had a huge downpour which turned the driveway into a river momentarily. Had a blackout for a couple of hours - right in the middle of a layout I was scrapping.....but I continued on by the light of the window.....

....only giving you a can see the whole layout at Show Us Your Stuff next week!


  1. A kilo is certainly a good start there Penny. Good on you for sticking to it. I need some of that will power. The myrtle is stunning and the flooded driveway rather impressive.
    Viva unfortunately did not make the cut after training for 7 weeks. Her dog distraction was just too high to be a working dog in such a delicate environment. She has been sold to a lovely family as a pet and I hear is being very well looked after and enjoying life.

  2. Pen your first kilo is a HUGE success...well done! I meant to start my protein day today, but then forgot and had fruit toast for brekkie. I am hopeless!
    We have had a couple of showers of rain too, at last, it is very grey today so there may be more to come. The garden will be happy.
    Love the peek at the new LO! Lookin' good!

  3. Hi there! I've just blog surfed from SUYS and I love your fun style!!! Awesome!!!

  4. Congrats on your loss, off to a great start!!
    Great pics, I love the kids jumping out of the tree!!

  5. way to go Penny !!!!! yay, congrats on the 'Kilo' waht a fabulous start :) well done x

  6. Ph Pennt - that does look yummy...the salad and the layout. I would really like to see that whole layout. Congratualtions to you for losing 1 whole kilo and I love your goals - they are just the same as mine (only your doing them better!) LOL.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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