Wednesday, February 9

Music of my youth

I was thinking (as you do) about how important music is in life......and how the brain can instantly recall the lyrics to a song even when you haven't heard it in yonky donks.....very cool really.

Here are the albums that I grew up with....the ones I played to death.....the ones that made a huge impact on me......that can bring memories of that time flooding back within the first few bars....

My Primary School Years.......
They had a little turntable at school and sometimes we were allowed to bring in records and play them at lunchtime.....(how ultra cool were we?).....I wonder what Mr Cook made of my choices.....

My High School Years.....
Nothing was more important than the music back then......all my pocket money would be spent on LP's and I would go down town in my lunch hour to the music store and order new release singles (and spend ages browsing through the band posters and t-shirts!)

My Uni Years.....
1989 was a bit iffy when it comes to good music.....but I listened to anything and everything. I know these ones got a good work out on my chunky red boombox in my dorm room AND in my little blue Suzuki hatchback (on cassette tape naturally!).....

I'd love you to share the soundtracks of your youth with me!


  1. How well I remember the seemingly endless Abba and Madonna! LOL. My parents had to cope with Elvis, (I was so in lurve with him!) and the Rolling Stones.
    I still love that Bluesy Rock, played very loud, of course.
    I reckon future nursing homes full of my generation will ROCK!!

  2. Oh Pen, the memories you have brought back! The music we used to listen to together - ha! we were such dags!!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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