Wednesday, January 26

A Good Day For.....

.....sitting in front of the air con with a pile of good books I am thinking. We are heading for 38 degrees apparently.....38!!!! Summer has finally hit it seems....

Talking of books, here's what I've read so far this year.....(no wonder there's not been much scrapping happening.....)

The 1st of the Sookie Stackhouse series....I'd heard others rave about these vampire books, but honestly.....not that impressed. Doubt I'll read any more.

Tim borrowed this Nevill Shute classic from the library and passed it to me....apparently one of his most widely read and controversial novels. An end-of-the-world story set five years into the future....1964. I found it sad, disturbing and thought-provoking to see the way people coped and chose to spend their last days. The author himself was upset with the movie that was made from his if you saw it and were disappointed.....go ahead and read the book.

Another library book about a completely ditzy (and selfish in my opinion) 20-something who can't decide between her brand new husband or her long-lost "soulmate"......a crazy lighthearted comedy of errors and a nice quick read.

A workmate lent me this one.......and I loved it!!! It's the latest in the Shopaholic series. Lots of LOL moments (I totally identify with her wicked shopping ways and how she justifies all her purchases to herself!) and I read it in a couple of days.
I am so in love with air-head Rebecca Bloomwood now, and her kooky family and friends.....I went to the library so I can start from the beginning....

I have 4 pages to go of the first book (also released as The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic)......I know.....I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer at 2am last night when I was trying to finish it!

....and I have the next one waiting for me on my bedside table.

Yep, off I go to read away my afternoon......and I don't even have to feel guilty.....being a public holiday and all....

Leaving you with a pic of our first born lamb - very appropriate for Australia Day don't you think!


  1. Happy Aussie Day Penelope Jane!!!!

    I must email you, we haven't chatted in a while. I miss you!!!


  2. Hi, Penny, I always love to see what others are reading! And I agree with you on Sookie Sackhouse - I read a few pages of the 2nd book, I think, and just couldn't get into it! Right now I'm into "House Rules" by Jodi Picoult, and I really like it, but it's kinda serious. Maybe I'll have to check out Shopaholic once I'm done!

  3. The little lamb is so cute...........hmmmm, with all the ads on telly for eating lamb on Australia day!!
    I must get hold of those Sophie Kinsella books, they look like fun.
    As you know I am a great Nevil Shute fan, the books are kind of old fashioned now, I guess, but it is interesting to imagine how they felt in those days about the end of the world!
    I am reading my latest Monica MacInerny atm.......and enjoying it. Oh my goodness the heat! I think I will hibernate until autumn. xxx

  4. Hi Penny-i think i might get the shopolholic book and have a read.I have seen it everwhere but didnt know if i would like it and wanted to hear from someone who has read it.You should try Monica Mcinerney she has a few books and they are PERFECTLY WONDERFUL(if that is a word ) no really have a look at them-love dee


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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