Saturday, October 31

Purple, Aqua & Lime on Kraft....

...don't you think it makes a nice combo?  This was our visit to Armidale the other month with buddy Linda and her sister Fiona (whom we have not seen for like....15 years!).  Now Linda, don't hate me but I had to include that photo you intensely dislike - I needed your dark purple shirt for the whole balance of the layout, you see....

I am so disappointed that the quality of the photos I print at home has gone downhill since I got my new Dell printer is exactly the same......go figure!  SO, I've gone back to having my photos printed at the lab.....the upside is that I am saving money on ink and getting better quality prints.....the downside is having to drive to town for my photos and no longer being able to have any weird and wonderful size I want. 
Thank goodness I can get those half size pics I used on the Gara Falls LO - very handy for double pagers.

Are you scrapping this weekend???  I'm working on my class project for the Gum Flat Girls next week....using these yummy-scrummies from Fancy Pants....

....YES!  A boy layout is on the way......what a change!  Will be showing you a sneak peek of the layout next week.....and I WILL have a few spare kits this month if you are interested.

What else is happening around here?  Bethie had a friend over for a sleepover last night and tonight Kate's friend is here.  Tim is working on our trailer we are setting up for our big camping trip.  He didn't get home from that fire last Sunday until 11.30pm!!!  Black as soot from head to toe and stinky and exhausted......what a hero!

Earlier in the week Linda and Chilli Wombat were here at Gum Flat School to teach the kids about our native animals - it went down very well and cheeky Chilli was absolutely LOVED.  The rest of the week I worked....another funding submission....they take up so much time!  Will need to work on it over the weekend as well, its due to be posted Monday.

OH!  I almost forgot the most exciting news.....IT RAINED!!!!  Can hardly believe it myself.  Had given up on it.....had come to believe we'd had all the rain we were ever going to get forever and ever.  OK, it was an inch....but made me do a happy dance all the same.

Well, looks like that's it from me....have been requested to go play PS2 with Bethie - she is feeling left out now her friend has gone home and Kate's is here......with Kate's room.....with the door firmly closed on little sisters.....

Til next


  1. I am a long time stalker of your blog and have saved many of your layouts to my Book of Faves. I thought you may like to know about a free download that can create many photos of varying sizes on to the one 6x4, 5x7 etc canvas. go to and choose the Photosheet download. I use it a lot for collage type photos too. Then I simply upload them to a flash drive or CD and take them to the photos centre to develop. Email if you have any trouble using it.
    Raewyn (New Zealand)

  2. Love the LO Pen, but why oh why did you have to use the fugly foto??????


  3. Love the LO Pen and the boy pp for your latest class looks great. Looking forward to seeing the results from the always talented Gum Flatties!
    Hope you get lots more rain! xxx


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