Saturday, October 24

I've Found Paradise..., at Ridgetop Hideaway in Dorrigo!  This is where we spent last weeknd, and it was the most perfect setting to relax, unwind and get away from everything.  The house is fabulous..... get to stay by yourself in this absolutely charming stone and timber house that has 3 bedrooms, a MASSIVE timber kitchen, wood fire, spa bath and swimming pool....and that first photo is the view from the front verandah!  Lots of lovely homely and unique touches like stained glass windows, mosaics and the handmade stair rail....

We were so envious of the green rolling hills......which were apparently "dry and terrible" according to the locals!

What is there to do in Dorrigo?  Heaps!  We went to the magical Dangar Falls, which is practically right in town.....

....and wandered around the quaint shops, including the Dorrigo Sweet Shop where we stocked up on all kinds of handmade chocs and goodies.  We visited the Rainforest Centre and were on a mission to find the elusive lyrebird....... such luck....but we loved it all the, fresh air, exercise and education all in one!  The girls decided it was the best part of the holiday, especially the bit where they pretended to be monkeys in the vines....

We took a drive down the mountain to the gorgeous little "hippy" town of Bellingen where we mingled with an array of interesting characters at the Markets.  Boy, this place is HUGE!  Hundreds and hundreds of stalls and all kinds of intriguing little knick knacks to be found.

I fell in love with these toadstools......

...and bought a family of 3 for my just waiting for the fairies to visit me!

Such a relaxing little getaway for us.....even for me.....I got to finish reading this.....

.....just in time for the release of the movie!

Don't think I've ever had a nicer two night break and had such a feeling of peace, calm and health afterwards.

Thoroughly recommend going here people!!!


  1. I love Dorrigo too, we always pass through there when going over to the coast...but never stayed overnight. Maybe next time we will after seeing all the exciting things you did and saw!

    My husbands family once owned a dairy right on the edge of town at Dorrigo ( Schmitt's Lane ), Mark and thought we would retire there one day when we're old and grey, back to the place where he grew up!

    Thanks for sharing your weekend!

  2. Aaaah, those photos of Ridgetop brings back memories, Pen. But our memories had a little wombat in the house with us!!

    Had to giggle at the photo of Tim and the girls looking up into the trees for a lyrebird.... they're found lower to the ground, rather than high in the trees! They only roost in the trees at night. :o) Maybe that's why you didn't see one. Heeheeheee.

  3. Love Dorrigo and I want to stay in that lovely house.......hmmm, I can feel a getaway weekend coming on!

    Loving those cute mushrooms too, I hope the fairies take up residence in your garden!

  4. Penny, The last time that we spent some time at Dorrigo, we stayed in the Caravan Park with our brand new Toyota and got pelted with a hail storm. The caravan park owners let use put the 4WD partly under a covered area because it was only a couple of weeks old.

    Your waterfall looked so inviting, lucky for them that it was running.



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