Monday, October 12

Layout and My Birthday

I fiddled with Sketch 155 from Pencil Lines on the weekend and this is what eventuated.....

....the Rose Moka paper and splash of white paint were perfect for the "grafitti" look.

The family surprised me with lunch out yesterday for my birthday here.... the Riverwalk Cafe.

Another customer kindly offered to take our picture at our table on the verandah.  But soon after the chilly wind sent us inside....the food was very yummy and afterwards we strolled around the gardens looking at a display of gorgeous vintage Morgan cars which happened to be passing through town.  When I'm retired that's what I want to do!  Go touring around the countryside with Tim in a very cute and impractical convertible sportscar while wearing a scarf and a funky woollen hat....!

Notice the Pandora-style necklace I'm wearing?  That was one of my many pressies!  Lucky girl I am.

On the way home we called in to our friend's place and I was doubly spoiled with a black forest cake and too many glasses of bubbly.  A fabulous end to a fabulous day.

Making a beef and red wine pie and its in the oven right now smelling SO good..........!  What's for dinner at your house tonight???

Ta ta for now and thanks for calling in. xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a great day - and what do you mean "too many glasses of wine" NEVER especially on your birthday!
    Love the layout. Rose Moka you gotta love those papers.

  2. Love the Lo and I am glad that you were thoroughly spoiled on your deserve it!

    Love always, Mum xxx

  3. Hi Penny, hope you had a wonderful birthday! Sorry the wish is a belated one - have just got back from holidays!
    Libet xxx

  4. Happy birthday for the other day, looks like you had a wonderful time!

    Your layout is gorgeous and those papers are perfect!

  5. LOVE the family foto. Tis lovely! Glad you had a good bday, Pen, you deserve it.



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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