Wednesday, October 21

Chilli the Wombat

Look who came to visit our house last week.........a beautiful bouncing baby wombat!

....she is the most amazing and adorable creature we have ever seen and we feel very lucky to have had such a special visitor.  The girls, of course, were besotted....

Chilli is being cared for by our wildlife expert friend Linda, who just happened to be visiting over the school hols......lucky us!

Apart from the missing tips of her ears, you would never know that poor little Chilli was rescued a couple of months ago from the side of the road wandering around near her dead mummy, suffering badly from frost bite and exposure. 

Of course, being only a wee bubba (8 months old) she spent almost all the time snuggled in her "pouch".....but we got to enjoy her short bursts of playtime running around our kitchen and loungeroom....and even a few cuddles.


Just in case you don't know....tomorrow is WOMBAT go ahead and talk about them, look them up on the net, wear a wombat t-shirt, or give one a cuddle.....I've just done my bit!


  1. That little wombat is super sweet, what a great thing for your kids to experience so close to Wombat Day!

  2. YAY Penny - you are now officially a Wombat Warrior!!!


  3. Little Chilli is a darling! She is so lucky to have Linda looking after her. I had my own wombie experience last week at Colo, seeing a giant fat fellow who has a burrow at Cath's place. They even built their garden fence around his dugout to protect him from 'civilisation'. He is not worried by their dogs and cuts across the garden to his home. Nice.

  4. Hey Aunty A. Thanks so much for your luvly comments. xxxx

    Your friends sound GR8! How wonderful of them to consider the wombies in their garden, most people don't! They are Wombat Warriors too!!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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