Saturday, October 10

All by myself!

ACDC Rock and Roll Train is little voices to interrupt my thoughts....and its bliss!  The fam are off on secret birthday business (yep, it's my BD tomorrow....!) and having lunch out together without me.

Wanna see what I did yesterday?

....the girls over at Home and Scrapped very wickedly challenged me to create a page with NO DOODLING!  How mean is that?  I still couldn't resist outlining my lettering to make it stand out....but that's not it?  Here's the whole layout.........

How adorable is the new Nutmeg range from Cosmo Cricket? Yummy yummy scrumptious I say....

Another fun school holiday activity we love is making PIZZA........the girls love to watch the dough rise and then have turns at kneading..........

...and they taste oh so good!  Have you tried making your own dough before?  You should!  So much better than bought ones.  I'll give you the recipe we use.........

Makes 4 bases

Mix: 2 x 7g sachets dried yeast,
20g caster sugar,
a good couple of pinches of salt,
and 1 tbsp olive oil
in 250ml lukewarm water.
Cover with cling wrap and sit for 10 mins until foamy.

Sift 3 cups of bakers grade flour (I use Lighthouse brand Bread & Pizza flour) in big bowl, pour in yeast mixture and bring together with hands.  Turn out on floured bench and knead until smooth.  Place back in the bowl, cover with a teatowel and stand in a warm place until doubled in size.

Punch air out of dough, divide into quarters to make 4 bases.  Knead each blob until nice and smooth.  Roll out to about 5mm thick (thin, in otherwords!).  Place on hot pizza stone (or tray), prick all over with a fork and add all your toppings quickly while tray still hot.  Bake 220 degrees about 8 mins until crust is golden and crisp.

Here's a big hint - put on your pizza sauce, then your cheese before all the other bits AND don't overload with too much topping!!!

Happy munching and see you next time!



  1. Happy Birthday Penny hope you had/having a fantastic day
    Tracy :)

  2. Love those Cosmo Cricket pp! Hey Tim will be happy that you chose Acca Dacca to bop to! Rock ON!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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