Wednesday, September 19

A zombie and a fairy

.....went off to school today, looking even less related to each other than they normally do.

Yep - Book Week time again at Gum Flat!

We had a green-faced Zigi Zombieson from "Meet the Zombiesons", complete with exposed brain matter....(yep, that one really tested me - but I think I pulled it off. Thank you eBay)

And Opal the Desert Fairy from "Pearlie and Opal" by Wendy Harmer....

Erm, gee Mia - my delicate fair-skinned HAD to be an Indigenous fairy didn't you. 
Dark bronzer and shimmer tights were the best we could do there!

Poor Kate - no more Book Week dress ups for you my big high-schooler!

Sharing some characters of Book Weeks past for old times sake.....


  1. You are such a GOOOD Mum. Ashamed to say when my boys were at this stage I usually ignored said days & pretended it was UNcool to get dressed order to avoid having to do the dressing thereof. I am simply VERY bad at that stuff. Poor glad your kids have a MUCH better, fun time with such a good mum:):):)

    1. It does take a bit of effort, but it's one of the kid's highlights of the year. They remember each year according to what they went as for Book Week!
      And just secretly.....I have just as much as they do!!!

  2. Well done on another perfect Book Week, Pen! How you manage it all is amazing.
    Bessie looks like she would cause old ladies to have heart attack and small children to have nightmares.........what ever happened to sweet innocent children's books like the Secret Seven?
    Mia makes a very cute fairy in hobnailed boots! LOL at the pair of them! What fun! xx

  3. The girls look so cute.please say hello to your mum for me I have lost her email address and cant find it on my blog as I have lost quite a bit there.Take care-dee x


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