Monday, September 10


For the past 10 days I have been totally immersed in Suzanne Collins' HUNGER GAMES series....

I mean TOTALLY immersed.
Life kinda stopped for a while.

Now I'm out the other side, this is what I have to say about these books.

Gut wrenching.
Unspeakably evil.
Agonisingly suspenseful.
Full-on gory action. wait, depressing.

Excuse me while I go lay down and recover from my mental and emotional exhaustion....

Any recommendations for my next read?
Sweet, light and fluffy preferably?


  1. Yeah, I know what you mean, I loved them too! As for your next read, hmmmm, Susan Juby is the author that comes to my mind - the problem is, she's Canadian, so might not be readily available over there. Very funny, though! And have you ever read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich? Outrageous and hilarious (at least the first few)!

    1. Have been meaning to read Janet Evanovich - will hit the library after work today I think! Must see if I can find Susan Juby as well - will let you know! Thanks Roxy.

  2. Another vote for Janet Evanovich Plum series. Hilarious & a light read. Makes you LOL.

    I just finished the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series. I liked the first book better but the 2nd book got better toward the end. Now I'm waiting to borrow the last one from my little cousins. I NEVER thought I would read this series. I haven't read 50 Shades & I tend to not follow trends. But I sort of fell into the Hunger Games book & once I started reading it became obsessed. Like didn't put it down 'til it was finished!

    1. A good LOL sounds just the ticket! Thanks Ashley.
      The series gets you in, hey! Book 1 is definitely the best. I borrowed them from my daughter's 11 year old school friends! Not sure how they would have coped - maybe a lot of it went over their heads? Book 3 is a bit up and down too - seems to skim over the crucial events yet gets bogged down in the not so important ones. Anyway....enjoy!

  3. Hey Penny! Every time I reply to your comments on my blog I get a 'can't dlevier to sender' notice. just thought I'd let you know. Not sure what the problem could be there.

    hello there!!!! We've just started The Hunger Games but unfortunately we did the stupid thing and watched the movie first which really spoils the book, doesn't it? Lew and I have just finished reading After by Morris Gleitzman. Fantastic! 4th book in the series. For kids but definitely adults would love them too. Have you read The Virgin Cure by Ami McKay? Great read. Also The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Difenbaugh. Past the Shallows by Favel Parret is my all time fave novel. Loved it! We are reading The Heart is a Lonely Hunter for book club at the moment. It's a classic and I've only just started it but am loving it lots. So much to choose from. Happy choosing:)

    1. Hey Kim! I wonder why that's happening? Have gone in and changed a few settings in Blogger to see if that helps.
      I watched the movie first too - which then made me want to read the books! I don't know which way round is better - many fans of the book were disappointed in the movie. Whereas I enjoyed both. The movie just lacks detail I guess - but very well cast I must say!
      Thanks for all those recommendations - it's the best way to discover new stuff!
      Have a great day x

  4. No wonder you don't find time to ring your poor neglected Mummy! LOL. Typical! I must get hold of those books, they sound totally absorbing. Love and hugs xx

  5. My goodness, those books do sound full on. Can I borrow?



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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