Monday, November 5


I won't bore you with why I haven't posted on my blog for WEEKS.....let's just say Life has gotten in the way of Blogging about Life.

And to tell you the truth - that can't be a bad thing.

Some highlights of the past month include:

Hubby and Middle Princess Beth got their faces on the local news with the local Archery Club.
Here's Bethie with her gold medal...

I had a birthday.

My good buddy Linda visited from Kyogle, bringing along her latest charges for plenty of cuddles....

Had to laugh at the sight of them strapped into the car ready for their journey home....

Yesterday I went to a paper-making workshop at our local art gallery.....

......all inspired now to use these beauties on my scrapping pages!

AND the life drawing class I'm a student at was featured in this gorgeous magazine.....

....including a photo of my drawing of Bethany (the one in my blog header)! Wowsers!

See you soon with more news and more photos....
maybe even some scrapbooking.....



  1. I have missed catching up with Gum Flat happenings on your blog!
    Love the pics of the girls with the wallabies, and well done and big hugs to Bessie for her archery success! xxx

  2. Wow, Penny, busy times indeed. Cute fur-babies & well done your DD for her gold medal.....we've been OS for 6 weeks so IKWYM re: blogging & scrapping!!!

  3. I really like that interesting hand made paper, too. Looks great!

  4. Heeheehee - you've got my beanie on, Pennylope!

    love Lin
    (and wobblies)


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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