Sunday, September 16

Love to Letter

"The world is filled with undiscovered wonder. Come little one, let's find them out together." - Emilie Ahern
Lovely quote, hey.
It's the challenge for Show Us Your Stuff this month.

This old-ish photo of Millie-pup tagging after Mia in the garden was a perfect fit for the quote.....when Millie was litle they would spend ages outside exploring together.
Cute as!
Lots of hand made thingamy-bobs on here, including my own hand lettered title.

Helping to keep the art of lettering alive, I've been teaching a little class all term at our local school - Gum Flat Primary.
I've had such a ball - and I'm pretty certain they did too...
They would run out to me as I arrived offering to help carry this or that, they awarded me a trophy not once but twice throughout the term, and gave me the biggest cheer on my last day!
And wow - talk about impressive talent! Being a small school, I had everyone from Kindy to Year 6 in the one class, and every single one of them created something amazing.

 Thrilled to get the chance to be involved in the classroom like that.
And to spark the love of lettering in our young folk.

Gum Flat School have such fun!
More photos here.


  1. The photos of Gum Flat kids doing the lettering class are wonderful. Looks like they all had a fun too!
    Love your LO for SUYS!

  2. Good on you for helping out at school - kids really do appreciate stuff like that - & LOVE your LO it's so bright & happy....great quote...we're off on hols at the end of the month so I'll be MIA for a while & starting to run outta time for doing stuff....aaagghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    1. All that pre-holiday arrangements stress!! You'll need a holiday!!!

  3. I would love to take a lettering class with you Penny!

  4. Can I go to school at Gum Flat Primary? I could do with a doodling, lettering class. Love the LO and all your hand made bits and bobs.

  5. Penny, can I go to Gum Flat Primary so that I can join in on the lessons? Love you LO, and all your hand made bits and bobs

  6. Looks like the kids had a great time Penny. Such a handy talent for kids to have too. Your layout is gorgeous - the photo is sooo cute.

  7. Thanks everyone. There are a few great lettering classes out there in internet land (check out Letter Love 101 in my side bar for example).
    Maybe I'll run one of my own if life ever calms down!


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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