Thursday, May 31

Portrait practise

I get so frustrated at Art Class - my finished piece never looks the way I imagine. And everyone is so much better than me!

Yes, I'm probably being hard on myself. But when you spend a whole precious Saturday morning doing something as frivolous as drawing, you expect it to not be a complete waste of time!

I've come to realise if I want to produce a masterpiece in class I need to get some practise in.

So when I arrived home from Art last weekend I started a portrait. Leaving it set up on my easel in a spot I walk past often and doing a little each day really helped the process. It's hard to know when to stop with a drawing - when to recognise it's finished....but I think tonight it's now at that point.  I see lots of flaws, but I have to say - I'm a bit pleased! What do you think?

Having a nasty flu this week gave me an excuse to snuggle in bed and read....and doze.....and read some more.

This book had me completely hooked.
If you like deep characters, smart writing and murder mysteries that keep you guessing to the end, give it a whirl!

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  1. Since my high point in art was stick figures when i was 6...I''m no judge. But looks MORE than good to me. Oh! For your talent. And I used to watch 'Wires in the Blood' so will look out for this one at the library:):)

  2. What an interesting face in your portrait! I really like it! Stick with it darling, you are doing so well. Drawing people is SO HARD!

    The book looks it a library book, or can I borrow it when I come up?I am a great fan of Wire in the Blood.

  3. Well I have to say I'm pretty impressed by your portrait, it looks great - but can honestly understand the 'not knowing when its finished' - this is how I waste a lot of time, just wondering if I'm done! Practise makes perfect mind you, so go for it, every spare moment you get practise some more - there's no such thing as time wasted on yourself xx

  4. Oh Pennylope,that is SO good!



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