Tuesday, May 15

How do you feather your nest?

Is this your kind of house?

Then you're a COUNTRY CHIC nester like me!

Maybe you prefer Boho, Beachy or Modern?
Take this fun quiz and find out!

Don't forget to come back and tell me what kind of nester you are...
you know I love this kind of stuff!


  1. I am a bit on the fence! Mostly Country Chic but followed closely by Traditional. Half and half!
    A fun quiz, and I love her blog.
    Love how neat the house in your photos are.........does anyone actually live there, I wonder?

    1. Oh yes - that sounds just like you!
      My Country Chic was mixed with Boho/Eclectic - I like that....it accounts for my mess and clutter!
      I know what you mean - who owns cream couches? People without husbands who come home from work in oily/stinky/cow-pooey work clothes, people without kids and people with maids - that's who!

  2. Couldn't resist doing it...I'm totally confused, it would seem. A Beachy/Country chic-ish Rustic Earth Mother.....got 3 of each. I always knew I had an 'eclectic' style...which is actually no style at all. Oh well....sigh!!!!

    1. It sounds like a perfect combination to me Lizzy! Happy you joined in the fun with me!

  3. Oh thanks for linking to my blog, Penny:)I love your blog. Did you make the header? It's gorgeous! Lizzy Hill - eclectic most definitely is a style. I'm like you, I like lots of different elements in my home but the one thing I love having around me is vintage stuff. But I'm definitely not a traditional nester. Everyone has their own individual style for feathering their nest. It makes it unique and quirky and not run of the mill. Just how it should be.:)

  4. Good fun! I came out basically half and half boho-eclectic and country chic! I do love the Hamptons style, but I'm also really into Gypsy Caravans. What a mix!

    Linda. :)


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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