Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day Bliss

My Bliss List items for this week are all about today's special occasion - Mother's Day.

1. The way Beth (DD 9) calls it "Mum's Other Birthday".

2. The "secret" shopping expedition with Daddy while I was at Drawing class yesterday.

3. The non-existent sleep-in. By 6.30 the girls were full to bursting and could not wait a minute longer to pile on the bed with us.

4. The impeccably-coloured-in, written-in-neatest-handwriting cards and drawings made with care and love and presented with such pride.

5. Living gifts for our garden and vegie patch:

Potted Pansy

Tahitian Lime Tree

Raspberry Bush

6. A present that led to hours of fun, sharing.......and calories to work off tomorrow!

From the debut cookbook from last year's Masterchef winner, we made:


and Chocolate Pots........mmmmmmmm!

7. Lovely long phone chat with my Mum (59:29 mins in fact!)

8. Time spent at our favourite spot on the farm....the Curly Tree

9. A cosy log fire on the coldest day we've had so far this year!

Happy Mother's Day to Mum's everywhere.
Hope yours was just as blissful!


  1. What a busy week you had! And so much yummyness :)

  2. Gorgeous! Almost makes me wish I lived in the country...ALMOST...I'd come visit for the cooking:):):) YUM!!!!!!!!!

  3. Those choccy pots look decadent.........more hours on the cross-trainer for you! Love the hand coloured plant pot, I am glad you had a wonderful day. Wish I had been there.

    I had a blissful day too, thanks to our long phone call including the chat to Kate, morning tea with Jab and family, visit to a friend who was childless for the day, then dinner out with Wik at the Bowlo.

    I was not expecting my day to be perfect, being the first without my own Mum, but it turned out to be lovely. Perfect weather too, sunny and warm with chilly nights, cold enough to light the fire and curl up to watch telly. Nice! xxx


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