Friday, February 3

A different kind of sketch

I recently decided to take up DRAWING again after unearthing all my old HSC Art under my bed.

I bought myself a set of graphite pencils and off I went.....
I drew this baby being cradled from an old Anne Geddes calendar...... elephant was copied from someone else's drawing in a book.....

.....and my crazy emu I copied from an Artist magazine....

I have a long way to I'm starting Life Drawing classes.......first one tomorrow morning!
I'm so nervous.
Wish me luck!

Another month-in-review double completed....

......edging the top and bottom with strips used up lots of scraps.

Have a guess what they're lookin' at.......

Some silly woman working out on her new cross-trainer!
Too funny!

Having an audience was a bit off-putting - but I won't complain about the view!


  1. The baby drawing looks fantastic! I really like your monthin review LO's. The border on this one is very effective.

  2. I am a bit envious of you going off to art class this morning........have fun and give my love to Lesley.
    Love your patchwork scraps border on the LO, that is a great idea. Might pinch it for myself!
    ROFL at the cattle.......hope you didn't scare them! Ours are all up on higher ground now, and today the sun is shining.....haven't seen it for more than a week. Nice.

  3. Awesome drawings Penny, must be nice to go back and revisit something you used to enjoy. Love the border of scraps, looks like you have just taken a striped pp and cut strips across the top and bottom of the page. Fantastic idea and a great way to use up all those little bits of scrap paper.

  4. You don't need luck when you can produce drawings like that. OMG!!!!! I am turning green with jealousy - go ahead and enjoy your classes.
    Love the pic of your audience.


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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