Wednesday, February 8

Arty Farty Stuff

Art class was SO MUCH FUN!
I must admit I was fairly nervous at first, thinking I wouldn't be 'up-to-par'.....but Leslie, our teacher does not make you feel that way at all. You are encouraged to do your own thing and let your individual style flow, and she is right there to give guidance when you get stuck.

We had a live nude model to sketch.....after the initial shock factor, I got into the swing of it - I was concentrating so hard on every pencil line I didn't give it a second thought.

Here are my attempts (well, the ones I'm happy to show you, anyways!)...
I used a big old fat graphite stick for this one - great for big sweeping lines and getting different line thicknesses. I had trouble with the hand she's leaning on, and I buggered up the head and face area (not enough width?)...but I'm quite happy with the body proportions...

The second attempt at this pose I used a regular 6B pencil - didn't get it finished, but I'm quite proud at my first Life Drawing efforts. And I learnt so much!

Ooo excitement - my ICC papers I talked about here arrived yesterday!!!!
Oh wow - so nice IRL, thick, vibrant and arty!

I used one to cover my Art Journal for the Letter Love 101 class (link in my side bar)...

I started doing the exercises on Monday. 
Oh my - this class is FABULOUS!
It includes 29 lessons in total and is open forever.
Why don't you join me?

Here's some of the stuff I've done so far....

Hello my old friends, Soft Pastels (scrapbooking chalks)!

Thanks for looking.
Hope your day is a joyous one!


  1. Im jealous! ive never worked from a ;ive model before!!! your lines look solovely and natural!! beautiful

  2. You are SO CREATIVE!!!!!
    I am also in letterlove class and i am so exited about it. I have to learn and practise, but ik love it!

  3. Penny! Your nude is beautiful!!! Well done!



Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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