Friday, November 18

Breaking Dawn + Layout

OK I admit it - I was one of those Twilight crazies who was at the cinema Wednesday night in the early hours for the Breaking Dawn premiere....

Eclipse was first at 9.30 (good to get a refresher) then Breaking Dawn Part 1 began at midnight. My friend Polly and I came prepared with our pillows and so glad we did! The film twisted up and broke down one hour into the movie so we sat from 1am to 2am waiting....waiting.....waiting.
Can you believe in this day and age the projectionist had to painstakingly unwind then wind on metres and metres of film to correct it?? You'd think it would all be digital, hey?

Anyhow - it was such a fun vibe in the cinema - and the movie didn't disappoint.

The 4th instalment had all the elements we love about the Twilight films.....
Spectacular scenery.
Corny jokes.
Spunky wolf boys.
Wooden acting.
Weird facial expressions.
Swoony romance.
And this one had the added extras of a gruesome birth scene, corpse-like anorexic Bella and a demon baby!

Bring on BD Part 2!!!!

Oh, here's my layout I promised you....

Join in the fun here!

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  1. Truly, I cannot see what you like about those awful films and those awful characters.........although those boys bods are pretty buff! If only I were 40 years younger. LOL.
    Love that layout, the pic of you and Tim is great. Nice that you are still so romantic after 20 years of married life. Love to you both. xxx


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