Tuesday, November 15

Blanket Stitch + Share

Blanket stitch looks really cute when done on cardstock as part of your layout. I like it best when it's a little bit wonky (translation - I can't sew neat!)....

It's the Try This challenge during November over at Show Us Your Stuff and above is a peak of my DT layout. I'll reveal it tomorrow!

If you can't remember how to start off your blanket stitch - or you've never tried before, this link takes you to a tutorial on YouTube.

I think I forgot to show you my "stuff" for last month's SUYS challenge.....we had to use circles, flowers and misting. My misting was more like sponging and blobbing paint all over the place - but there you have it!
"Bran Nu Dae" was the track Gum Flat School danced to for this year's Eisteddfod, hence the title for these photos of the girls dressed up for their performance. 

Enjoy today's heat!


  1. Oh thank goodness, you are all alive and well. I have so missed your blogging. What a time you have had, but I'm with Kate, high school can be exciting (hope she still feels that way in a few years time). I haven't been doing much of anything. Trying hard to get back into scrapping etc etc. Still busy with Carly with the horses. Thanks for sharing. I just love looking at what your family has been up to. I spent a week at Broomshead in Sept/Oct, then went to the Grampians, Echuca and then Port Campbell for a little road trip.
    Enjoy the next few weeks.

  2. Wow, Pen, your SUYS pages are fab. The wonky sewing looks fine to me, it has character!
    Love the blobby misting, and the gorgeous photos of my lovely little girls! xxx


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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