Monday, December 5

Our Weekends

....have been rather full - and if you have kids who do stuff I'm sure yours have been just as crazy!

I tell you - kids have the best social life!
We've had a Blue Light Disco, a birthday party, a sleepover, a "just because" party, and there's more to come!

A few weekends ago we planted our vegie beds.....

Then it flooded. This is the causeway we have to drive over to get out of our property - more like a river!!!

The Macintyre River broke it's banks. Water came up into the park in town.....people were bracing themselves, but thankfully it stopped short of businesses and houses....

A planned fishing trip and picnic for a friend's birthday was kinda ruined by all the rain - we ended up at their house instead. The kids were determined to get in the water - and there was plenty of that to keep them happy....

Sometime in the middle we went to the launch of the Gum Flat Country Kids Calendar....the Year 5/6 girls designed and photographed the calendar, got a grant from Community Mutual to print it, and decided to give all the proceeds to the local Breast Cancer Support Group.
The calendar looked fabulous, as did the photography exhibition they held, plus they raised over $2000 for their chosen charity!!!
A truly amazing and inspiring effort by 7 young girls and their wonderful teachers.

Beth performed in her end of year guitar concert on Sat night....

She did "Rockin Robin" with 3 other kids - and she was also on vocals! So beautiful! She inspires me to keep plugging away with my guitar. With her help I can now play about 3 chords quite well! Whoopie!

Speaking of concerts...a certain someone in our family is counting down the days for this....

This weekend we have a Little Athletics Zone Carnival, dance concert and Archery Xmas Party....more photo opportunities!

Hey, remember these organza flowers with the melted edges that were all the go a while back? I bet you have some hanging around the place.

Dig them out (or make some new ones!) and stay tuned for the SUYS Try This Challenge annoucement. The sketch challenge is already up.....check out details here.

Catch you soon!

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  1. Wow, such a big post........thanks for the catch up. So proud of the girls and their hard work, they are something special! xxx


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