Tuesday, November 8

Been a while....

.....but each time I think about posting an update I'm overwhelmed by how far behind I am! But, today is the day.

Life has been running away on me.....we've had two trips to Taree, one to Yamba and one to Sydney in the last 2 months.....spring has definitely sprung along with allergies all round.....the farm is looking beautiful with fat cows and gorgeous babies everywhere.....the new vegie gardens are finally done and ready to plant.....swimming lessons have begun for Bethie and Mimi....Kate has started Little Athletics.....music practice madly happening in prep for end of year concerts.....and Kate is increasingly excited (and Mum increasingly stressed) about going into high school next year.

Some photos:

Book Week

Mia as Lola from Charlie & Lola, complete with pink milk...

Beth as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland
(how's that evil pose!)...

Kate as Malificent, the wicked fairy from Sleeping Beauty (that see-through mask was SO creepy!)...

Yamba Camping Holiday


This is the perfect holiday park for families - so much to do!

 State Athletics

We made the huge trip to Sydney for our little Gum Flat relay team to compete at Homebush....

It was a day to remember forever.....summed up perfectly in this letter my Mum wrote to our school principal....

"Good Morning, Mr Bloch,

I am writing to tell you that I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the PSSA sports championships at Sydney Olympic Park with Penny and my three granddaughters, Kate, Bethany and Mia Hackney.

The relay team from Gum Flat made me so proud! These fine young people were a joy to be associated with, their good manners, their friendly team spirit, their courage and aplomb while dealing with the disappointment of the results in the Semi Final, showed a maturity far beyond their years.

They did so well in the heats and were only point four of a second behind the fastest team. Without a proper track to train on at home, this in itself was a remarkable feat. It was so exciting to witness! They were looking forward to success in the semi-final, but when there was a fumbled baton pass between Lydia and Kate, we all held our breath.............Kate was devastated, and she has blamed herself for the error. However, the team ran on, valiantly and finished the race. The girls were inconsolable, and slowly made their way back to us, arms around each other, and in tears...........it was heartbreaking and we felt their pain. Alex and Campbell were gallant and very calm and mature and sympathetic to the girls although they must have been mightily disappointed at losing out on a chance to enter the final. They set an example of true mateship that many more famous sportsmen might need to follow.

I feel compelled to write to you, to congratulate you and your staff on the training of these little sporting heroes. The experience of being on the spot made me so pround of Alex, Campbell, Kate and Lydia, they are fine young people and this day will stay in my memory for ever. I want to thank the four of them for allowing me to be a part of this fantastic occasion. The future success of Gum Flat community will be secure in the hands of these young people, I am sure. Well done to you all.

Angie Budden Watt (aka 'Martha') Grandma of Kate, Beth and Mia."

 After such an emotional and exhausting day on the track, it was off next door to the Olympic Pool for a bit of fun.....this place is AWESOME.....you have to go if you get the chance!


I got to drive a tip truck for a day.....I reckon it could be my new career.....such fun!

Apart from driving trucks around the place.....I've been picking up my guitar each evening (determined to learn those chords!)....and have gotten hooked on Ancestry.com.....so interesting and addictive.....chews up hours of time though! Have gone as far back as my Great Great Great Grandparents and still discovering!

I'll leave with a reminder about the latest Show Us Your Stuff challenge....a lovely sketch. Find out here.

Have a joyous day.


  1. I know the feeling!!! glad to see you are all having some fun though!

  2. Wow, you have been BUSY! Nice to see the photos and hear from you at last.
    Goodness, my letter is on your blog......I will be famous! LOL.
    Love xxx Mum


Thanks for leaving some love! Penny x


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